recruitDC Tweetup – The Wrap-up

By Derek Zeller

Have you seen or maybe attended a RecruitDC conference in the last couple of years? Maybe you have said, “I just don’t have the time” to take a day off to go to a conference. We get that. We are recruiters too. That is why a number of months ago we partnered up with RecruitDC and started Tweet-ups.

RecruitDC is an awesome event filled with some of the biggest names both nationally and locally discussing strategy, sourcing, and recruiting in a conference setting. It is an amazing time to gather information from multiple sources and not need a hotel or plane ticket. However it does take time.

The tweet-ups were designed to be a mini-conference. Its happy hour with a twitter flair. It is about socializing and learning from each other. Trading contact info or learning who and what is going on within the industry. There is no cost or ticket to buy. Just show up grab a drink and start introducing yourself. WE ARE RECRUITERS so we want to talk!

The first one we did was in Virginia the night before the conference this past spring. Due to its success and everyone having a great time we decided to do another one. We had heard from southern Maryland recruiters that they wanted something for them so we focused in that area. WOW – we are glad we did. The turnout was awesome!

We had representation from the whole area too, NOVA, DC, and Baltimore! There were newer recruiters there and more experienced ones sharing knowledge and dropping great stories. The best part of the tweet-ups is they are totally informal. People were in shorts and short sleeves. No name tags or speakers. We were all equals sharing ideas, stories, and at times…candidates! YES we were able to say I know someone that fits that role, what’s your email or twitter handle?

Tweet-ups were designed to be social and help put a name to a face for local recruiting. Then next time you get an invite or see us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Come on over for a chat and hello. We would love to have you!

Derek is a Senior IT Recruiter at Advanced Resources Technologies, Inc., and you can always find him on Twitter at @Derdiver