recruitDC MoCo Sourcing Roundtable Meetup Recap

In 2013, recruitDC responded to the demand from the local recruiting community to provide more learning and networking opportunities by producing a series of ‘Meetups’ at various locations throughout Maryland and Virginia. The Meetups so far have primarily been free, brief, less formal events where 30-40 recruiters could get together for free to learn from each other and some of the area’s top recruiting professionals. Tabletalk session
On Thursday, September 26th, Aronson/Champion Recruiting hosted the 4th recruitDC Meetup of 2013 at their office in Rockville, MD. Sourcing was the topic-du-jour, and we took a new fun and interactive approach for knowledge sharing and collaboration on a variety of sourcing topics. Each table had a different topic with a local ‘rockstar’ facilitator including: candidate engagement (Pete Radloff), phone sourcing (Conni LaDouceur), LinkedIn (Caitlin Banks), Boolean search (Kelly Dingee), tech communities (Matt Duren), other social channels (Holly Bienia), pipeline development (Derek Zeller), and sourcing strategy development (Ben Gotkin).

Participants had the opportunity to participate in two table discussions over the course of 90 minutes, the ‘buzz’ was so great that it probably could have gone on all day. Some of the key learnings from participants through the day included:

  • How to effectively conduct phone research and cold calls by being ready with your follow up questions and by using terms to make you sound credible
  • Avoid using closed questions on a cold call that might solicit a yes/no answer
  • Build a strong word-of-mouth brand through a great candidate experience and transparency
  • The benefits of using the LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar
  • Using Rapportive to confirm email addresses and make easy connections to candidates social profiles
  • Leveraging librarians at your local public library to help conduct research for you
  • Using a ‘tilde symbol’ or ‘~’ in a Boolean search on Google gives you synonyms for search terms
  • Google is best for xraying LinkedIn
  • How Github profiles can demonstrate a specific level of expertise
  • Using ‘whois’ when searching social or tech profiles
  • Using Twitter search to find candidates

The feedback for this event was so positive that we are likely to use this format again for future Meetup events, so stay tuned. Also stay tuned for information on our next Meetup event, likely to happen in DC in the near future.

Don’t forget to register for the Fall 2013 recruitDC event at the AFI in Silver Spring, MD. You can get your tickets here!