The Art Of Recruiting

By Gary Cluff
S-E-A-R-C-H  – – – that’s we all say we do. Well, nowadays, some of us do, but others of us only play a part in the total effort. To truly be an effective, full-cycle recruiter, you must do it all.

S is for Sourcing. This is where it all starts. Reaching out, building a talent pipeline of those skills in demand within your organization or among your clients.

E is for Engagement.  Once you find where they are, you have to establish a relationship with them, learn what they are interested in, and create an  ongoing line of communications with them. Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) begins here.

A is for Attraction. Here is where Branding becomes important. Your organizational image, reputation, and accessibility (do I hear Mobile?) come into play.

R is for Recruitment. You found them, you engaged with them, and got them interested in being considered for employment opportunities with your organization. As the match-maker, you put them in front of the managers and professionals who you trust will effectively screen and sell them on a specific job or function within your organization.

C is for Closing. Throughout the process, you have tested the continuing interest and concerns of the candidate to ensure that if and when an offer is made, the probability of an acceptance is very high. We all know, it is not just about the money. It is the recruiter’s job to advocate for both the employer and the candidate. To do so, you must know the needs and expectations of both parties – – intimately.

H is for Hiring. Getting the new employee to the door completes the recruitment process. But the engagement and retention process often needs a trusted partner who can help overcome some of the early hurdles which can impede effective assimilation into the organization. The Recruiter is often the best person to be that partner for the first 90 to 180 days.

Gary Cluff is the Corporate Recruiting Manager for MITRE Corporation in McLean, VA.  He is best known for being the founder of Project SAVE (the Staffing Alliance of Virginia’s Employers), a free recruiters’ network with over 850 members in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. He also is a founding board member of recruitDC, and a past board member of WTPF and the Employment Management Association.  He is a proud graduate of Penn State University and veteran of the United States Air Force.

Connect with Gary at [email protected] or on LinkedIn