Fast and Furious – Social Media Tools from recruitDC’s Fall 2013 Event

Our Fast and Furious Social Media session at the Fall 2013 event was a huge success! But with 60 tips in 60 minutes, it was a lot to digest! Fear not, we’ve got you covered.  Below are all the tools that our Super Ladies of Social Media shared with the audience that you can use to augment your social media toolkit.

  • The main social media platforms that were weaved into the presentation were: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • For social media application management, take a look at: Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, BufferApp or SocialBro.
  • Also suggested is leveraging Tumblr for posts for a blog and Instagram
  • To stay current with key topics, take a look at Google Alerts to build content to share with your communities.
  • If you are sourcing for designers, you may want to look at Dribbble which is similar to Github.
  • To manage messages and follow hashtags in Instagram, check out
  • Are you looking to do sourcing in Twitter? Try FollowerWonk.
  • If you are posting jobs on Instagram, take a look at InstaJob to jazz up your posts and track your engagement.
  • On Twitter, be sure to create Twitter Lists to help keep track of your community.
  • Hoover’s Mobile App!
  • Use Slideshare to repackage your content and you can embed your YouTube videos!
  • Fun and easy music videos with Animoto create an impact.
  • Videos for Instagram are made with Zoomforth.
  • Flixel creates a video ad.

Have fun and remember when creating social media profiles to use your name not your employer’s. If you use your employer’s name in the social media platform, they are the owner of the followers.