Super Girl Power – Looking Back At recruitDC

By Kerry Noone
UntitledI have an image similar to this on my bulletin board above my desk and much to my surprise every time I look at it I am able to take a deep breath and remember I am human.  It’s a simple reminder that I am only one person and I can only do so much even when it feels like I have a “to do” list that will run me into retirement.

Like you, I have limited resources.  By resources I don’t just mean time and money, I also mean content, creativity, patience, and motivation. To me, social media is like laundry.  There will always be another pair of socks to wash, dry and fold.  Managing a brand – whether a corporate brand or your personal brand – is never ending.  There is no finish line. There is always something more to mange especially when you’re using social media to connect with candidates.

When I was asked to participate in #recruitDC I said, “YES” even before I knew how I might be able to participate. In all honesty, recruitDC is the one conference I have been to multiple years in a row and have left a better person each and ever time.  Too dramatic?  I think not. I like social media… a lot.  But, I love my family more. And as a team of one, I love (love, love love) learning about new tools or tips that will help me manage the day-to-day activities so I can enjoy my family. I learn something new every time I attend a recruitDC event. A tip here, a tip there… it adds up!

#ICYMI: A recap of the 60 Fast & Furious Tips for using Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Quora, and Linkedin as presented at recruitDC last month.  It was honor being a part of this rock star (all female) panel!

1. Be gradually active. Select one social media channel at a time and check in at least once daily #recruitDC  via @francescapalmer Click to tweet!

2. One size does not fit all. Know which Social Media sites are right for your business #recruitDC  via @EngilityCorp Click to tweet!

3. Cultivate your own voice. Human touch will drive engagement and help your followers actually get to know you #recruitDC  via @ACD20 Click to tweet!

4. Say it with pictures. People love pictures #recruitDC  via @hbienia Click to tweet!

5. Utilize tools to schedule posts. Leverage tools to promote your brand, schedule posts, manage accounts #recruitDC  via @francescapalmer Click to tweet!

6. Pre-schedule but be mindful. Don’t be afraid to schedule tweets. Delete scheduled tweets during a crisis #recruitDC  via @KerryNoone (hey, that’s me!) Click to tweet!

7. Have a cohesive look.  Avoid the 3 faces of Eve. Look the same across all social spaces #recruitDC  via @ACD20 Click to tweet!

8. Collect and cultivate content. Subscribe to industry Newsletters to capture content of interest to your audience #recruitDC via @hbienia Click to tweet!

9. Embrace hashtags. Consider the keywords your audience may use in their job search #recruitDC  via @francescapalmer Click to tweet!

10. Make Tweets and Posts Shareable. Leave enough characters to encourage retweets #recruitDC  via @yesitskathleen Click to tweet!

11. Include call to actions when sharing content in order to gauge engagement #recruitDC  via @ACD20 Click to tweet!

12. Make it easy for candidates to find you. Claim your user name in advance try to check availability #recruitDC  via @kerrynoone Click to tweet!

13. Be prepared for people to recognize and approach you when you are offline #recruitDC via @EngilityCorp Click to tweet!

14. Create google alerts to have content fed directly to your inbox. Create Inbox Folders for those Alerts #recruitDC  via @francescapalmer Click to tweet!

15. Encourage brand ambassadors. Provide easy to follow guidelines & empower & encourage employees #recruitDC  via @KerryNoone  Click to tweet!

16. Try #Dribbble for Designers a platform for candidates to showcase their talents  #recruitDC via @ACD20 Click to tweet!

17. Pay it forward and remember to have a “What Can I Do For You” attitude #recruitDC  via @francescapalmer Click to tweet!

18. Keep your Linkedin contact organized for easy communication             Tag your connections for easy communications #recruitDC  via @hbienia Click to tweet!

19. Search hashtags using Credit others posting team/culture photos using the app #InstaRepost #recruitDC via @kerrynoone Click to tweet!

20. Try to connect with your followers by location and keywords #recruitDC  via @ACD20 Click to tweet!

21. Use #Instajob app to increase engagement on instagram and jazz up your jobs posts #recruitDC  via @kerrynoone Click to tweet!

22. Be sure to promote links to your social media profiles so your target audience can find and connect with you #recruitDC  via @francescapalmer Click to tweet!

23. Personalize your Pinterest Boards (ie. “words of careers wisdom,” interview fashion, recruiter profiles) #recruitDC  via @kerrynoone Click to tweet!

24. Create Your Own twitter lists to manage sources and follow others #recruitDC  via @yesitskathleen Click to tweet!

25. Use #Quora for learning more about topics you’re interested in and find the leaders in those areas #recruitDC  via @ACD20 Click to tweet!

26. Social Media is a Two Way Street. Allow visitors to share opinions on your social media sites #recruitDC  via @EngilityCorp Click to tweet!

27. Use Hoover’s mobile app to source candidates #recruitDC  via @hbienia Click to tweet!

28. Make a bigger impact on Facebook- current algorithm prefers posts with photos or video over links or text #recruitDC  via @ACD20 Click to tweet!

29. Take advantage of peak sharing times on social media #recruitDC  via @EngilityCorp Click to tweet!

30. Use Facebook Graph + Like feature to find prospects who could be a cultural fit for your organization #recruitDC via @hbienia Click to tweet!

31. Leverage #GitHub to learn more about how best to connect with candidates #recruitDC  via @ACD20 Click to tweet!

32. Repackage content on Slideshare to help explain simple or complicated topics #recruitDC  via @yesitskathleen Click to tweet!

33. Social media is not just prospecting, you need to build a relationship first Casting a wide net #recruitDC via @EngilityCorp  Click to tweet!

34. Create music videos with #Animoto. It’s fun to share quick ideas #recruitDC  via @yesitskathleen Click to tweet!

35. Target followers with lists to avoid overwhelming candidates with #TMI on various platforms via @francescapalmer via @ACD20 Click to tweet!

36. Interact with Your Audience in order to build trust. Ask and questions, retweet/share, follow those who follow you #recruitDC  via @francescapalmer Click to tweet!

37. Identify relevant industry conferences; then network with the Speakers/Presenters/Keynotes #recruitDC via @hbienia Click to tweet!

38. Embed YouTube videos in Slideshare and provide an easy share format #recruitDC via @yesitskathleen Click to tweet!

39. Think globally. If you’re doing a campaign that’s global, you may need to run two campaigns #recruitDC via @Jessica_Lee Click to tweet!

40. Create videos for Instagram try #Zoomforth to create short videos of people at work #recruitDC via @kerrynoone Click to tweet!

41. Develop your ROIs. Make sure you track your sucesses! Even the little ones make a huge impact #recruitDC via @celindaappleby  Click to tweet!

42. Doing incentive promotions to liven up campaigns. Remember channels have rules for how to do promotions #recruitDC via @Jessica_Lee Click to tweet!

43. Investigate New Social Media & How To Integrate It i.e. try Flixel for video ads #recruitDC via @EngilityCorp Click to tweet!

44. The pinch and squeeze is not fun. Is your social accessible via mobile? #recruitDC via @Jessica_Lee  Click to tweet!

45. Use the rule of thirds in social media: 1/3 sharing own content, 1/3 RTs & 1/3 should admin tasks #recruitDC via @ACD20 Click to tweet!

46. Always think mobile first in doing social media #recruitDC via @Jessica_Lee Click to tweet!

48. You will have mistakes. It’s OK to walk away from a post or a campaign that you thought would be amazing #recruitDC via @celindaappleby  Click to tweet!

49. Understand your reach and scale – i.e. Facebook content typically only reaches 16% of the intended audience. Scary! #recruitDC via @Jessica_Lee  Click to tweet!

50. Response times matters. Operate on a 24 hour response time w/ social comments – even the negative ones #recruitDC via @celindaappleby  Click to tweet!

51. Be transparent in your #socialmedia conversations. Don’t be tempted to delete or hide comments you don’t like #recruitDC via @Jessica_Lee Click to tweet!

52. Use a tool like #QueSocial to give your content further reach and empower your recruiters #recruitDC via @celindaappleby Click to tweet!

53. Test content with metrics to the responses, views, likes, engagement learn what matters #recruitDC via @yesitskathleen Click to tweet!

54. Understand the mobile experience – test to see what candidates will see – you may be surprised #recruitDC via @Jessica_Lee  Click to tweet!

55. One post can get “lost” but 2, 3, 4 or 5 will be grouped together and peak interest #recruitDC via @kerrynoone Click to tweet!

56. Your Audiences Grow Up – pay attention to what #socialmedia tools your audience is using #recruitDC via @yesitskathleen Click to tweet!

57. Promote Others… Give Shout Outs to encourage engagement #recruitDC via @hbienia Click to tweet!

58. Don’t get sloppy. Punctuation matters – you’ll be more likely to have people share your content #recruitDC via @ACD20 Click to tweet!

59. The power of a phone call or handwritten note is still very powerful! #recruitDC via @EngilityCorp Click to tweet!

60. Always thank your audience! #recruitDC via @francescapalmer           Click to tweet!

And, I have one last tip to add to this list of 60 above.  Use Click to Tweet to add links to encourage easy content sharing.

Kerry Noone is Employer Brand Program Manager at Amtrak. You can follow her progress on Twitter @AmtrakCareers as she develops this new talent community for job seekers in the railroad industry or @KerryNoone as she continues to build her personal brand.