Poll Results: Is It OK To Contact Candidates At Work?

Two weeks ago, we decided to ask you, the recruiting audience, about how you felt about contacting candidates via email at their work address. There was enough chatter in the recruiting arenas about the subject that we wanted to know what you think. Thanks to all those that responded, we appreciate your input.
The Results

In total, we had 45 respondents weigh in. Over 70% of those who voted were open to emailing candidates at work to make first contact. Within that number, 31% of recruiters thought that it was permissible, but only if all other avenues had been exhausted already. About 30% of those who voted were definitively opposed to making first contact at the candidate’s place of employment.

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Tell Us Why You Voted How You Did

With such parity among the answers, we want to know – why did you vote the way you did? We want to hear from you about what you think!

  • Were you influenced by a previous experience? Share it with us!
  • Why do you think, that in an industry that is predicated on speed and delivery, that there would be such disparity about whether you should take the fastest route to capturing the attention of the candidates most in demand?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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