recruitDC Spring 2014 Speaker Feature: Matt Grove

Matt Grove Final_v1Hello RecruitDC! I’m excited to join you on May 22nd where we’ll talk about a unique approach to one of the biggest challenges confronting Talent Acquisition in 2014: How to cut through the noise and engage with passive candidates.
This is a challenge we see in every location and industry, and it’s easy to see why. Candidate data is more available than ever before. In-demand candidates are inundated by recruiting requests. And even with all this attention, many top candidates don’t feel they get value from their recruiter interactions. (In fact, many say they cringe when recruiters call them.)

I’ll share some of what I’ve learned from 20 years of performing on stage as an actor and improv guy to help us change the way we approach, engage, and communicate with our candidates. In the acting world, it’s all about being able to find authenticity in the moment. In improv, we learn to adjust to anything as it happens. And performing is always about connecting with our audience, regardless of whether we’re playing to a crowd of 1 or 1,000.

These are really important skills in recruiting too, so I’ll share some real ways that we can use acting and improv methods to help set ourselves apart with our candidates. We’ll talk about real, actually make an impact kind of stuff and may even do some live demonstrations with some brave people. My goal is that you’ll get some new approaches that are simple and can help you drive results.

I look forward to meeting you on May 22nd!

Matt Grove is a Principal Consultant and Trainer with Recruiting Toolbox, sourcing expert, highly rated trainer, self proclaimed excel geek, and former recruiting and sourcing leader with KPMG. Learn more about Matt and connect with him via