Personal Brand – A Ditty

Ed Note: You’ll remember Ronald Gulick from recruitDC, and his amazing recruiting rap performance.  You can see that video below in its original form. 
By Ronald Gulick

I never wanted to be a recruiter!

I was contacted by Kathleen Smith of RecruitDC a few months before the

recruitDC 2014 conference.

The question was simple, “Would I like to speak at this years conference?”

Thoughts raced through my head as I lie in my bed.

Why would anyone want to hear the words that I had said?

Was the content still relevant? Would it be well received ?

How well would the acoustics sound? Would I remember the words I


Heck, what if no one liked it? Or me?

You see, it was a rap I had written 3 years ago about staffing; my failures

and success

Even though I had doubts about performing I would soon acquiesce

Fear is the one common theme in those questions above! Norm??

But anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE to perform.

Whether it is 1000 people or just performing for myself in the shower.

(Calm down ladies.)

Why is it my Fear that is in Power?

Why is it the first thing that motivates me?

Why is it the first thing that motivates Thee? Isn’t it?

As I sit here pondering and typing on this computer,

I remember growing up and I thought, ”I never wanted to be a recruiter”

It wasn’t a dislike for the profession or that it was even an option

It was the fact that it was never a thought that my mind crossed and

If I asked any young boy or girl what they wanted to be

Would being a recruiter even cross their memory?

Now don’t get me wrong, I realize who my audience is.

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with our biz

I am not saying you should quit and follow a different profession

I am asking what would happen if FEAR was removed from the question

For me, I worked for one company for 13 years and I thrived

But many times I felt something was missing and didn’t feel alive

Was this is all there was? Am I meant for something more?

Is there more to accomplish? Is there something greater in store?

I felt like I was drowning. I felt like a neuter.

Cause you see, I never wanted to be a recruiter.

So I left and I got completely out of the game

I wanted to do something different and not the same.

I wanted to create laughter and make people smile

I wanted to help out the less fortunate and go the extra mile

I wanted to stand out and for people to know my name

I wanted to be recognized, I wanted to have fame.

But what would that gain when life comes to fruition

A life that’s wrapped up in only selfish ambition

You are only one, and others on this Globe, billions have birthed

If you focus on yourself, can you really change the outcome of this earth?

Can my actions even matter? Worth the hassle? Be Moot? Or

Can my actions change the world despite the fact that I never wanted to be

a recruiter

Yet maybe it is not the profession but yet my perception

Maybe the fact that I didn’t realize what I had was the deception

Recruiting is the life for any business, organization, or cause

If you can’t recruit, there will be no one there to share your applause

Or your failure or success no one at all

So hold your head high knowing you answered the call.

Always keeping in mind that there are millions that share your trade

Don’t let that stop nor slow you down and don’t be afraid

Because you are an individual and there is no one is like you

There is only one [Insert YOUR name here] and you will come through

One final thought, don’t live in the past, but live for the future

And always keep in mind “I never wanted to be a Recruiter”