Getting Back To Recruiting Basics

By Mike Chuidian

Couldn’t I argue that most of us hate being uncomfortable?! Couldn’t I also argue that some of us don’t like change? But couldn’t I also argue that change and being uncomfortable are the two things that hold us back from realizing our full potential as human beings?

Several months ago, I was forced to get out of my comfort zone and make a change. The couple years before that, I was engulfed with Social Media and utilizing it in my everyday recruitment routine. I was that guy….You know…. the one who thought he was too good to pick up the phone and call people because I thought I was above making 250 pipelining calls a week.  I really thought that Social Media was my saving grace in the recruitment process. I had what The Boolean Blackbelt, Glen Cathey would call “OESS- Obsessive Exotic Sourcing Syndrome”.  I was that guy.

Last December, I did the unthinkable and landed back in agency. What was I thinking?! Ugh! But you know what? I knew I was getting out of my comfort zone and making a change I knew I had to make….for the better. So here I am… a metrics driven environment forced to pick up the phone *insert music of terror*. Was I scared to pick up the phone at first?  YES. But why?!? I’ve been doing this for 8 years and I know recruitment very well. Because I leaned heavily on messaging, tweeting, In-mailing, emailing, etc. The phone was like kryptonite to me while I was “Social Recruiting”, whatever that means nowadays. I’ll save that for another post.

PhoneWolfI was forced to go back to basics and learn how to get my swagger back on the phones.  It was like picking up a surfboard or bodyboard you haven’t ridden in years and picking up where you left off. It took me a little while to get it back, but I got it back.  Smooth as ever and building an awesome pipeline of candidates in an area that for me was/is foreign to recruit in….Central PA. But YES, I’ve fallen back in love with the phones, but I still LOVE Social Media and using it as a tool to supplement my sourcing and recruiting efforts.

I was pretty good with the “Social Recruiting” thing.  But you know what?!  I’m even BETTER picking up the phone in combination with using Social Media to recruit and source.  So getting back to basics of picking up the phone has served me a big piece of humble pie…straight to the face. But I’m savoring that taste to take me to new heights in an industry that I love immensely.

I’ll leave you with a quote, an inspiring one to say the least……

“Look down at that little black box right in front of you. You see it? It’s a wonderful little invention called the telephone. Here, I’ll spell it for you: T-E-L-E-P-H-O-N-E. Now, guess what, everybody? This telephone won’t dial itself! Yeah, that’s right. Until you take some f*cking action, it’s nothing more than a worthless hunk of plastic.”…..“So don’t you ever f*cking forget that that phone sitting on your desk is a deadly weapon. And in the hands of a motivated Strattonite it’s a license to print money. And it’s the great equalizer!”” ~ The Wolf of Wall Street

Mike Chuidian is a Sr. IT Recruiter with Modis, and has worked with growing companies such as SAI and Comcast. He’s also an epic connoisseur of sneakers.  Keep in touch with Mike on LinkedIn or Twitter

Note: This post was originally featured on The Rad Recruiter, and was republished with the author’s consent.