Social Media Recruiting in the Defense and Intelligence Community

By Kathleen Smith
The buzz concerning social media for recruiting and employer branding has reached a ball-142738_1280fever pitch. What was once thought impossible, namely access to social media sites, and is now permitted. But now that the gates have opened many are in a quandary as to how to implement social media.

Start small. The pressure will be to implement all forms of social media at once. Some may hire an agency to handle all forms of their social media stating that social media tools are too cumbersome too manage. However, experts within social media will say differently. Your culture, brand and process can only be described by your team. When a contract is awarded and you need to deploy information to key communities, you will want these resources at your fingertips. While many agencies are good at social media promotion, they will not be able to engage with security cleared talent on key aspects of your opportunities.

So start small. Find a passionate group of recruiters who form your initial team. Beyond overcoming the learning curve of the various social media tools you will need to look at the key issues within your company: technology, security, department funding, and who is accountable for the social media.

Formulate a strategy. This can be fluid, but should not be “because everyone else is doing it” or “it is the new hot thing”. Social media will complement your current recruiting tools and you will need to know how to integrate all of your tools.

Pick a medium. Too many times, teams launch into everything at once reminding many of a Rorschach test rather than perfecting one medium first and taking the lessons learned to the next medium. Technology changes as frequently as Facebook changes its privacy settings so it is better to determine which medium meets your needs before you move on to the next platform.

Social media is a community activity. Don’t go it alone, pick community partners you can work with who can leverage your social media channels and communities with theirs. Cross pollination is important to keep your content and community alive. Remember to share pictures, videos, quotes, industry knowledge, job search tips and then, your jobs.

If you need help, reach out to industry leaders for advice. Feel free to connect with me!