2014 Candidate Experience Awards – Celebrating 6 DC-Area Winners!

By Ben Gotkin
Last week I had the privilege of attending the first ever Candidate Experience Symposium in Chicago, where the 2014 Candidate Experience Award (CandE) Winners were announced and where we heard from many of the winners themselves and HR luminaries such as Libby Sartain on what it takes to deliver a world-class candidate experience.  I was particularly proud to see six local companies named as winners this year, including Capital One, Hilton Worldwide, Lockheed Martin, SNL Financial,The Bozzuto Group and Sodexo USA.

The 2014 CandE program was bigger and better than ever with 62 winners announced, a dozen ‘Winners With Distinction’ (including Capital One, Hilton and Bozzuto), and over 95,000 candidate survey responses.  The number of candidate survey responses in 2014 was double the 2013 number, providing us with some incredibly rich data.  Up until recently, we essentially had to assume what truly defined a world-class candidate experience, and the impact of that experience upon an organization’s brand and bottom line.  The data we have now is backing up the historically anecdotal evidence with hard numbers.

We are still learning a lot, and it will be very interesting to see how the data trends year-over-year.  The 2013 survey data pointed to the candidate experience having a direct impact on brand perception, net promoter score, willingness to reengage both as a candidate and as a customer and more.  The 2014 data is just beginning to be analyzed, so keep an ear open for the release of the 2014 CandE eBook where we will all see just how the data is trending and if in fact we can continue to draw that direct correlation between the candidate experience and an organization’s recruiting and financial results.

I also encourage you to consider participating in the 2015 CandE awards program.  The program is FREE to join, it will only cost you the time and effort to complete the employer survey and, and potentially distribute a candidate survey.  You will have access to not only your survey results, but how those results compare to the aggregate.  Year-over-year participation will allow you to benchmark yourself and track the impact of process improvement efforts.  Only the winners of the award are made public, so it is possible just to complete the employee survey for benchmarking purposes if you wish to remain anonymous.  So no excuses, right?

To learn more about this year’s award winners, to access the 2013 eBook and to express interest in the 2015 survey and awards program, please visit www.thecandidateexperienceawards.org.

Ben Gotkin is the Founder & President of recruitDC, and is a Principal Consultant with Recruiting Toolbox.  You can connect with Ben on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter at @bengotkin