The Candidate Experience – Each Candidate Is Different

By Kathleen Smith
Thanks to several programs and general awareness a focus in recruiting now is the candidate experience. While this is all good, we have to remember that not all candidates are created equal. 

In the candidate experience the focus has been placed on when the candidate enters the system. But what about the process that is before the application or ATS stage? The engagement stage: the place where candidates and recruiters are truly unique individuals.

There are several components to consider in the candidate engagement process:

  • What is the niche – government contracting, finance, healthcare?
  • What is the engagement tool – social media, job fair, email?
  • Where is the recruiter in their process, where is the candidate in their process?

We are all unique individuals and at the next turn the right position may open up or the right candidate may walk through the coffee house door. With recruiting as with everything in life, it is your own individuality that will create your strategy and success.

Don’t leave your engagement experience until the ATS, or application process when it is not you managing experience. Live it each day.

Kathleen Smith is the Chief Marketing officer for You can connect with her on Twitter at @YesItsKathleen. Follow at @ClearedJobsNet

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