recruitDC Speaker Preview – It’s Not You…It’s Your Story!

By Nando Rodriguez
I come from a family of storytellers. I remember visiting Mexico in the summer and watching a crowd gather around my father at night as he’d settled in to tell his version of the famous “Llorona” around the campfire. That story kept everyone on the edge of their seat because it changed year-to-year as my dad always added a little more spice to please his audience — today we call that “targeting to the key demographic.” He’d also make sure the tale–the story of a mother who lost her children in a river–was especially terrifying by ending it with a “disruptive marketing technique” by where in the middle he’d get up from his seat and point behind his us and scream, “I think I see her right there!” sending everyone into a panic running for cover. We-All-Have-a-Story-to-Tell

As recruiters, we tell stories everyday about the roles we’re hiring for and the companies we represent. At times–it may seem like we have to spin a horror story into a fairytale, but how exactly can you do your job if you don’t have your personal brand on point?

I’m excited to speak at recruitDC because I’ve learned to help people create, discover and establish their personal brand. I’ve been a recruiter for over 10 years and understand the dynamics of social media whether it’s Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Combining my two passions has helped me create a path for myself where having a personal brand was key in my success. You have to learn to establish one to manage the other. I was adopted when I was 3-hours old and I grew up with my parents telling the story of how they got the phone call one night asking if they’d like to adopt a little boy from Mexico. I’m passionate about that story because they were passionate telling it. Their brand of storytelling was authentic, humorous, dynamic. As a recruiter, you need to keep your brand authentic yet represent the values of the company you’re working for. It’s a simple formula that I’ve tweaked and I want to share it with you.

Before we meet in May, I want you to have 3 things prepared and ready to share with me and the participants:

  1. Your recruiter story — how you got into recruiting. (140 characters)
  2. Why you choose to stay in recruiting. (5 word story)
  3. Three things you love about the company you work for.

I’ll see you soon! And in the meantime, you can follow me on twitter @NandoRecruit or on Instagram @Nandoism.
Nando Rodriguez