recruitDC Speaker Preview – You Got This!!

By Carmen Hudson
Hello RecruitDC!

I’m excited to present at Recruit DC May 15.  And a bit nervous. I don’t know if I can pull this off.  I promised Celinda Appleby that I would integrate one of my favorite topics — recruiting tools and productivity — with some words of inspiration and encouragement.  I really do believe that recruiters are the unsung heroes of corporate America.

In my job, I have the pleasure of meeting recruiters all over the country.  Many are struggling to keep up.  Some of us work under the weight of being under-appreciated and overworked. Many are doing heroic things with limited resources. Almost every recruiter I meet juggles the desire to be excellent with unrealistic expectations and limited time.

I also believe that we have a lot of room for improvement. We have a long way to go to become strategic advisors to the C-suite. 

I believe in recruiting excellence. I believe that we should help each other. I believe that excellence starts with the little things. Our commitments to candidates, and to hiring managers. How we measure success.  How we communicate. What we learn and what we share. I believe that tools can help us do some of these things better, but it’s our commitment to raising standards that will ultimately advance our contribution and recognition.

So, how will I put all of this together in an intelligible presentation worthy of such an esteemed group, without going all Oprah on you?  Don’t worry.  I got this. I think.

See you in May!