recruitDC Spring 2015 Event – May 21, 2015

Join us for the next full day recruitDC conference at the Artisphere in Arlington on Thursday May 21st. This action and content filled day will sharpen your skills and reengerize your career along with expanding your network of recruiting professionals in the Washington DC area. This is a “not to be missed” event!

Opening Keynote PresentationHow the Pursuit of the Sophisticated Job Seeker Can Re-enegerize Your Recruiting Career, JT O’Donnell, Founder & CEO of CAREEREALISM and CareerHMO.

In this session, J.T. O’Donnell will share how the emerging “sophisticated job seeker” can actually help recruiters feel more inspired in their jobs. Today’s top talent is approaching their careers differently – and that’s good news for recruiters who are feeling burnt out by the current process. Learn tips for engaging these candidates in ways that will excite you and remind you just how important (and fun!) your job can be. Good chats among defense recruiters

Morning Break Out Sessions: Choose from one of three sessions.

Employee Referral Programs: What Pays Off?  

Most companies rely on employee referrals as a primary source of quality hires.  Innovative and progressive companies are changing the referral game by adopting two top trends in referral programs. These trends were uncovered in the 2014 Meritage Talent Solutions’ Referral Trends Report.  In this session, you will learn about these top trends, the technologies available in the marketplace that can help you implement these trends, and the future of referral programs.   You will also receive valuable program benchmarking data.

Presenter: Kara Yarnot, President and Founder, Meritage Talent Solutions


Wax On, Wax Off – Finding Balance as a Recruiter and a Real Person

Daniel LaRusso didn’t become the 1984 All Valley Karate Champion without learning a few lessons from Mr. Miyagi along the way.  The most important of those lessons was finding balance – in his training, school and with his relationships.   Sourcing, interviewing, scheduling, dealing with hiring managers, compliance reporting, spin class, book club, soccer practice and piano lessons for the kids…maybe even some sanity time for yourself.  Fitting it all into a week and finding balance as a recruiter can be a challenge.  This interactive panel will include tips, tricks and daily hacks to  increase efficiency in your work day, leaving more time to find balance in your relationships, for yourself, and outside interests.  Bonzai!

Moderator: Ian Jones, President and Senior Recruiter, Fluidhire


How To Develop a Sourcing Playbook (and Execute It Effectively)

In this interactive session, you will learn the following: Step-by-step instructions for building your own custom sourcing playbook; key lessons, best practices and fundamentals for sourcing the open web; uncover market research and competitive intelligence utilizing a variety of sources; find hidden passive talent scouring search engines, blogs and online groups; drive more traffic to your job postings; build a search library to reuse over and over again; see a long list of emerging sites and niche communities to add to your sourcing arsenal and find anyone online in minutes.

Presenter: Geoff Peterson, Chief Sourcer, Sourcing SupplyRecruitDC_Web (29 of 60)

 Lunch Keynote Personal Branding: Connecting the Dots Between Your Brand and Theirs, Nando Rodriguez, Head of Employment Branding & Candidate Experience, Horizon Media

Nando Rodriguez will dive into keeping the authentic voice of the recruiter while in alignment with their company’s message in a fun and dynamic session.  He will explore how you can have fun and make your brand pop while still aligning yourself with your company’s brand.

Nando was formally at Ogilvy & Mather infusing his creative work style into their talent brand but just recently made the move over to Horizon Media the largest privately held media agency with $4.7 billion in client investments – where he’ll rock his style amplifying their employer brand through the use of digital and social platforms making Horizon Media “pop” among competitors

Afternoon Break Out Sessions : Choose from one of three sessions

Bring Your Employer Brand to Life — Globally, Locally & Individually -The spotlight on employer brand is getting brighter and brighter. But would it surprise you to hear that 60% of CEOs feel they are accountable for their company’s employer brand? Whereas 60% of HR leaders feel they are accountable? Now is the time to position yourself for driving and supporting your organization’s employer brand efforts.
In this session, Jessica and Shannon will share with you the employer brand big picture–what it is and why it’s important. Based on their extensive work at CEB, GEICO, and Marriott International, these experienced EB pros will provide you with guidance on how to develop your employment value proposition and start your employer brand journey. They will share with you strategies and tactics for bringing your employer brand to life, through global and local campaigns, as well as the actions of your leaders, recruiters, and brand ambassadors. Whether you have dedicated employer brand resources or are just starting to figure things out, this informative and engaging session will provide you with mindful strategies and actionable ideas.

Presenters: Jessica Lee, Senior Director, Global Employer Brand and Communications, Marriott International and Shannon Smedstad, Employment Brand Director, CEB. 


Hardball! Recruiter and Hiring Manager Partnering Lessons

Ever find yourself in a new relationship with a difficult hiring manager? What can you do to transform this into a successful relationship? Let’s open up this topic and hear from seasoned recruiters and how they transformed the relationship from challenging into a true partnership. We will bring behind the scene insight from the hiring manager’s prospective and lessons learned so you can learn to avoid some of the common mistakes and implement a few tricks immediately to help reduce tension to your hiring process. This point- counterpoint discussion will address the situation through shared best practices from seasoned professionals who have hired 100’s of employees into various environments.

Moderator: Dina Flynn, CEO 10Fold Solutions


Making Yourself Indispensable

Everyone wants to work hard and be valuable to their employer.  But with today’s job security uncertainty, working hard just isn’t enough – you need to be so valuable that you are invaluable.  This is especially true in Human Resources and Recruiting where you can sometimes be viewed as ‘as good as your last placement’.  In this session, Chris Scalia and his guest, Tonia Patt will share their evolution into a trusted advisor and executive, communicate strategies that can assist you in your career growth, and answer questions about becoming invaluable. Regardless of your tenure in the field or tenure at your company, this session will give you excellent insight to help you move the needle and turn ideas into action.

Moderator: Chris Scalia, Vice President, Sector Talent Acquisition Director at Leidos

Closing Keynote You Got This! Tools and Inspiration for the Modern Recruiter Carmen Hudson, Co-Founder, Talent42 and Principal Consultant, Recruiting Toolbox

Google the words “recruiters are”.  Go ahead. Did the autofill results shock you?  Probably not.  We’re not in the most celebrated profession. Ever the optimist, Carmen is convinced that recruiters can turn this around. We have an important job, and for many, our work is the difference between a thriving, successful company and a company in the grips of a deathly downward spiral.  Carmen will spend some time to convince you, cajole you, challenge you, celebrate you and catapult you toward recruiting excellence.  She’ll show you some tools that will help you be more productive, and some best practices and strategies that might make you reconsider how you recruit.

And of course, you will want to make time for the After Party at the Continental Lounge!

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