Brand Like A CMO – Employer Branding Training From exaqueo

We’re always sharing opportunities for learning and development for the recruitDC community. Interested in amping up your Employer Branding efforts? exaqueo is hosting their “Brand Like A CMO” class on June 11th and 12th in Washington, DC.
If you’re a Talent Acquisition and/or Employer Brand leader, no doubt you often struggle with how to best position, partner and understand your CMO and his/her team. As Employer Brand leaders—we need our marketing colleagues as partners, whether it’s for help, support, or even access to relationships and tools. We’ll be better at our jobs too, if we understand brand the way marketers do.

In this leadership class, exclusively for Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand leaders and practitioners, participants will become CMO students. You’ll take off your HR hat, and learn marketing like CMOs do including brand equity, brand positioning and brand personality. You’ll walk away knowing how marketing really works, with a clear foundation and understanding. And you’ll return back to work with a fresh perspective — that of a marketing leader.

Already confirmed as participants to attend are employer brand leaders from the Boston Consulting Group, CEB, Marriott and more.