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Our Story

recruitDC is a networking community that hosts events with the goal of fostering best practice and new idea discussions to elevate the recruiting profession in the greater Washington, DC area.

Founded in 2009, recruitDC was developed by DC-Area recruiters for DC-Area recruiters. Through our events, we attract national speakers and highlight local best practices which enables DC-Area recruiters have a focal point from which they can learn and grow. Through these events and a strong social media presence, recruitDC offers recruiters a broad community to call their own.

Board of Directors

Mike Bruni

President - Talent Acquisition Strategies, LLC

Tiffany Ballve

Senior Manager of Engineering Talent Sourcing and Diversity - Microsoft

Matt Duren

Recruiting Manager - Tenable

Moe Hutt

Senior Consultant - HireClix

Suzie Grieco

President - SG2 Recruiting