New Perspective in TA: Recruiting News Network Highlights Fresh Voices, Breaking News

Newly launched Recruiting News Network (RNN) offers a fresh, unique perspective on the talent acquisition industry.   Started in February 2020, RNN is the brainchild of Neil Costa and Martin Burns of HireClix, a recruitment marketing services firm based in Massachusetts    “What makes us unique is we have a different set of voices,” Costa said. “We saw an opportunity to hear from talent acquisition professionals who are in the trenches and up on the latest trends.”   While...

recruitDC Member Spotlight

Christine Winchester is a cybersecurity talent acquisition manager for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. She has 18 years of recruiting experience and is a former U.S. Marine. Christine was recently recognized by Project S.A.V.E. with the annual Award for Recruiting Excellence and is an active volunteer for RecruitDC.  Q: How did you land in...

3 Great Online Sourcing Tips

By Jeremy Bonewitz, Talent Acquisition Manager – Stantec     I recently attended Online Sourcing Learning Day 2020, and I‘d like to share three tips that I took away from this exceptional webinar for recruiters. The event featured six seminars that focused on employer branding and data, OSINT and sourcing on Facebook, and social sourcing.    Tip No. 1: Facebook and HelloTalent  I really enjoyed learning more about OSINT and how to recruit differently on Facebook.  One...

Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary!

Since 2009, recruitDC has been hosting annual conferences and networking events for regional recruiters.  In honor of that milestone, we have a new logo as well as a new website.  We hope that you will share information about our regional recruiting based organization with all levels of talent acquisition professionals in your organization. We also invite you to...

Time Management in Talent Acquisition

From the Roman poet Horace’s famous phrase, Carpe Diem, to the modern concepts of Work-Life balance time is our most precious resource. People have been looking for ways to better manage their time for as long as time has been measured. Despite the myriad of technological advances, the constant influx of information in our brave...

Join Me at RecruitDC to Learn about Community Management

RecruitDC 2019 is right around the corner- have you bought your ticket yet?  To quote Anne-Marie (which is really to say ‘To quote Nelly’,) “If you want to go and take a ride with me… studying the impacts of community Hey, show me the productivity!”  I may have paraphrased somewhere in there.  Don’t worry, I...

Thank You, recruitDC

I've been very lucky in my career. Luck played a part in how I even got into recruiting. It played a part in my having some of the best mentors and teachers that you could ask for over the course of a career. Because of my appreciation for all of this luck, I've always wanted...

The 7 Fastest-Growing, Highest-Paying Jobs

If you have an English degree, you might remember the warnings of, “You’ll never make a living with that!” (Nicer commenters might have suggested you look into teaching.) Who would have guessed that the demand for content writers with search engine optimization savviness in the digital era would put writers in such high demand—and enable...

Old School Sourcing Still Works!

During his presentation at the recruitDC 2016 Fall Event, Steve Levy said (I’m paraphrasing here), “. . . to be effective, sourcing HAS to connect with candidates where they are”. He even suggested to reach college students, consider posting ‘tearaway’ flyers in campus buildings where computer courses are being taught, or outside campus hang outs....

3 Critical Elements in a Successful Employee Onboarding Program

Employee onboarding is a crucial component of effective business operations, providing your new hires with the background knowledge they need to perform their job duties to expectations. New employees may have industry experience or expertise, but they’re reliant on you to equip them with the knowledge they need to perform well within their role. To...
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