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Successful Recruiting Strategies Include Sourcing

Sourcing is one of the most critical aspects of any successful recruiting strategy.  A study done by Lever of over four million candidates found that sourcing is one of the most effective ways to hire. On average, one in every 72 sourced candidates is hired compared to one in every 152 applicants from well-written posts. ...

Time Management in Talent Acquisition

From the Roman poet Horace’s famous phrase, Carpe Diem, to the modern concepts of Work-Life balance time is our most precious resource. People have been looking for ways to better manage their time for as long as time has been measured. Despite the myriad of technological advances, the constant influx of information in our brave...

Join Me at RecruitDC to Learn about Community Management

RecruitDC 2019 is right around the corner- have you bought your ticket yet?  To quote Anne-Marie (which is really to say ‘To quote Nelly’,) “If you want to go and take a ride with me… studying the impacts of community Hey, show me the productivity!”  I may have paraphrased somewhere in there.  Don’t worry, I...

Fall 2017 Speaker Preview: Celebrating Local Company Cultures

Lauryn Sargent, who will be speaking at the Fall 2017 recruitDC event on Dec 7, shares stories of local DC area companies she's worked with recently to create story-based recruitment marketing campaigns that focus on unique aspects of their company cultures. 

Session Preview – The Art of Seductive Sourcing

Kevin Crews drops by recruitDC today, to give a preview of his upcoming session, "The Art of Seductive Sourcing".  This is a can't miss session for those sourcing and recruiting on a regular basis.  

Why recruitDC Matters To Me

The amazingly talented Audra Knight appears on recruitDC today. She'll discuss why you should be coming to next week's event, and what recruitDC has meant to her. We're looking forward to seeing Audra share her expertise next week. 

Welcome Back To recruitDC, Matt Charney!

We're excited to welcome Matt Charney back to recruitDC this May, and he has pulled together a great closing keynote, with some great information to share with attendees. Always one to look past what's shiny on the surface, and well-known for calling things "as they are", Matt will bring a fresh perspective to some important...

Thank You, recruitDC

I've been very lucky in my career. Luck played a part in how I even got into recruiting. It played a part in my having some of the best mentors and teachers that you could ask for over the course of a career. Because of my appreciation for all of this luck, I've always wanted...

HRCI Credits For Fall 2016 Event

Many people have inquired about the HRCI credits for the Fall 2016 event. We're happy to share those with our attendees.  In order to receive the code for HRCI credits, please email us and we'll be happy to send it to you. 

Session Recap – Maren Hogan – Employer Branding for Dirty Jobs

So many times, we find ourselves listening to how one giant company with an abundance of ping pong tables and fat jack stock options found itself on the receiving end of tons of lovely Glassdoor reviews and adoring candidates.I am happy for those companies of course and I won’t lie and say that building a...
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