Why I’m Super Fired Up About recruitDC

by Chris Comrie

Hey I’m Chris Comrie- manager of the Recruiting Leaders Community. I love what I do.

We built the community from scratch to over 3,000 people basically overnight. Since then I’ve been asked by recruiting and search agencies, tech companies, and small businesses build their own communities through social media and digital marketing.

Seriously, I love what I do. Just watch the video to the right to see what I mean!

I’m super fired up to be sharing with you the things I’ve learned along the way in my talk at 1 pm on Thursday May 24 called How to Build Community to Get Candidates, Clients, Dates and Fame.

It’s an awesome talk for anyone in their career from entry level sourcer or corporate recruiter to veteran 20+ years agency owner or consultant.

We’ll talk about how to be selfish because I think it’s a good thing!

This isn’t some BS motivational talk- (you will get fired up too 🙂 and you’ll walk away with the KNOWLEDGE, TOOLS, and CONFIDENCE to immediately implement these branding and social media strategies into your company and into your employability (if you’re an employee.)

P.S. I’m challenging you to the “5 Friend Challenge!” People are the most important part of any conference so I’m challenging you to make 5 friends while you’re there. One from each category below:

  1. Someone ahead of you in your career
  2. Someone behind you in your career
  3. Someone in the same place as you in your career
  4. Someone that does something completely different than you
  5. And someone that is just a really fun, nice, cool person that you really hit it off with!

Tag them and me (linkedin.com/in/comriechris) on LinkedIn and say which role they fill!

If you haven’t picked up your tickets to recruitDC yet, you can do so here! Can’t wait to see you in DC! 

Chris manages Recruiting Leaders, the fastest growing high quality community of recruiters on Facebook. He uses his experience to mentor and consult recruiters on how to scale and automate their business and reach so they can earn more revenue while freeing up time. His writing and videos on how to leverage the power of community in a saturated recruiting market gets over 50,000 impressions per month. He is a LinkedIn and Facebook Influencer and enjoys giving back by teaching webinars and speaking at conferences about the power of community and how others can scale their audience too.