Diversity Recruiting For Employer Branding

By German Rochez

“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.” Malcolm Forbes

Recruiting people of color can be hard work and expensive. Furthermore, since most companies don’t have the type of money Google does (eh hem – $150 million for diversity initiatives) we need to be impactful and target our audience on a budget.  

Where do you start? Most recruiters know to target historical black universities (HBCU’s), minority organizations, and universities that either have high percentage of Latinos, women, Native Americans, or Asians. Yet the question is, how do you get those audiences to become interested in your company? We have to take it a step further to maximize our impact.

1Volunteer for Diversity Panels

Many universities and professional organizations hold diversity panels for students and members. As a recruiter, you should seek out opportunities to speak at or sponsor these events. If you are lucky enough to be a presenter, this a great chance to give advice, share your story and connect prospective job seekers with your company’s brand.  This audience will most likely be diverse, therefore talk about the why

2. Host Webinars

Webinars can be extremely beneficial to your company.  They create transparency by giving candidates a glimpse into your company culture.  In addition, if the webinar remains relevant, it will be something you can post regularly on various social media channels and through email marketing.  Lastly, if you host a webinar, make sure that the hosts are diverse as well. Which leads me to my next point…

3Be Cognizant of Diversity                                 

If your company claims it’s dedicated to diversity inclusion, it is important that your recruiters represent this demographic. For example, if you’re a tech company claiming to value a diverse workforce, and you only have male recruiters, then you might alienate the female minority in this industry.  Likewise this works the same way regarding race, ethnicity and gender identity.  Being conscious of what your audience sees is a strategy that will help your brand and recruit more people from diverse background. If your recruiters come from the same diverse populations as the people you are targeting, you are telling that audience that your company is serious about diversity.  

4. Cover your bases

When you’re attending events and doing webinars, make sure you have a call-to-action for the audience (have participants download your Power Point presentation or webinar). Another example of a call-to-action is sending a follow up email with a survey attached. Some of my favorite free survey tools are Typeform, Wufoo and Survey Monkey. By doing a call-to-action, you will be able to measure how impactful your campaign was and who your most active audiences are. 

German Rochez is a Diversity Recruiting Specialist, with a background in the fields of law, finance, economics and IT.  His expertise is in Digital Marketing, Research & Workforce Development. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn!