How has #recruitDC Impacted You? Tell Us & Win a Ticket to recruitDC Fall 2015

By Matt Duren

If for some reason you haven’t heard, our next recruitDC event is taking place in just a few short weeks on Thursday, November 19 at the TEGNA HQ in McLean (holy cow…how did we get to November so quickly!). This will be our 8th conference and if you remember, we had our 5 year anniversary with our May event. In 5 years, 8 conferences, and a slew of happy hours and other networking events, I’d like to think recruitDC has been a catalyst for some rather impactful opportunities or experiences amongst the community. Since it’s impossible to know what all of them are, we’re asking everyone to share them with us – and doing so, could land you a free ticket to the Fall recruitDC event! 

Running from October 26 through October 30, the #rDCImpact contest will be your chance to share with our community something impactful that you experienced by being a part of a recruitDC event – maybe it was a connection at a conference that landed you a new job; or a great new tool or technique you took back and implemented at work; or just met some great people who turned into terrific friends.  Whatever it was, we want you to record a 1-minute-or-less video and tweet it out using the tag #rDCImpact so that the community can share in your success! All of recruitDC will be able to vote on their favorite video and the one with the most votes will win the free ticket to the Fall event next month. You can see the video feed here.

Already bought a ticket?  No problem…if you create a video and it’s selected as the winner, we’ll refund your ticket! No excuses not to enter now!

We can’t wait to see all the videos created! Who knows…maybe we’ll see a few of them again during the Fall event!

Link to video on YouTube: