Join Me at RecruitDC to Learn about Community Management

RecruitDC 2019 is right around the corner- have you bought your ticket yet?

 To quote Anne-Marie (which is really to say ‘To quote Nelly’,)

“If you want to go and take a ride with me…

studying the impacts of community

Hey, show me the productivity!”

 I may have paraphrased somewhere in there.  Don’t worry, I will not rap during my session (she repeats to herself over and over again in her head – You are welcome.)  What I will do is discuss the building blocks of community in the workplace. We’ll address the key elements that bring value to community building for your business (retention and productivity), how to strategize around community management initiatives at your company, identifying metrics to support community growth, and discuss external resources to get you started.  I’ll also run through community engagement opportunities that have been successful for me in the past and how to tailor opportunities to your communities.

 You’ve hired the top talent, but your job isn’t over.  Building a community and encouraging employee engagement is the responsibility of the entire community.  It doesn’t rest in the hands of HR or TA or Operations alone. By capitalizing on the relationships you’ve built through the recruiting process, you can build the foundation to a strong and lasting community.  

Join me on May 23rd at RecruitDC 2019 and find out more about Corralling Your Community.