Engaging Human: Speaker Preview – Steve Levy

Late last month, I traveled to New Zealand to speak at RHUB NZ – left New York at 6PM, arrived in Auckland at 8:30AM Wednesday morning, departed Auckland on Saturday at 2:20PM, and finally arrived home in New York at 4:15PM Saturday. So in one week, I missed a Tuesday and experienced two Saturdays. 

But on Thursday morning I ate breakfast at The Ugly Bagel.

Without WiFi, I was left to ponder a delicious sandwich and listen to the morning sounds called Breakfast in Auckland. I heard three different conversations about coding projects, one fella discussing UX design in between bagel bites, and 2 folks talking retail and dating. I smiled and thought to myself just one thing… “This place is a sourcing goldmine.”

At the conference, one of the first things I asked was if anyone recruits at The Ugly Bagel.


Seems as if many involved in sourcing and recruiting are still performing their identification and engagement of people using traditional methods; nothing generally “wrong” with these approaches but are there other ways to spread the word of your openings, your organization, and its opportunities?

My goal is to introduce you to (a) sources of people – both digital and analog – that are non-traditional and perhaps far less traveled, but are nonetheless geysers of greatness, and (b) a model of engagement that produces higher response rates. This is where employment branding meets sourcing, and it is instrumental in helping you develop talent networks and sustainable talent pipelines for your roles.

Steve Levy is well respected as one of the best sourcers in the business, combining old school and new cool technologies to identify and engage exceptional talent – and actually knows those mythical “purple squirrels.”

Levy, a member of the RecruitingBlogs Editorial Advisory Committee who has been referred to as “the recruiting industry’s answer to Tom Peters” has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Social Human Resources Experts on Twitter;

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