Let’s Overcome the Suck of Sourcing. #SourceLikeABoss

By Marie Burns

Recruiting and sourcing is hard. Very hard on this day of May 11, 2016. 

Do you remember when you could create a job posting on whatever job board was the hottest for your jobs and wake up the next day (and following weeks) with 50-100 resumes in your inbox?  Then you got to choose, schedule, and get people jobs.  Looking back – geez – we were lucky, weren’t we?  If you didn’t experience those times, awesome! Be grateful those memories aren’t etched in your psyche.  

Those days are gone.  Sucks, really.  It was great making money without having to be ADD with tools, metrics, time management, etc. Back in the day, we had more time to do more and build meaningful relationships with clients and candidates, but that’s typically not our reality anymore. We have to hustle.  Hustle harder than ever to beat out the competition (companies and agencies).  

At RecruitDC, we’ll learn how to #SourceLikeABoss and protect your leading recruiting practices (+Recruiting Managers who want to add new tools to their teams’ tool-belt) and how to use X vs Y to be more productive than you ever thought possible. Plus, use a basic methodology to decide when it’s best to use a new-age tool versus your current best practices (have you heard of The Tipping Point?).  To be frank, this isn’t going to be about how to increase your InMail responses. Sorry, not happening. This session is beyond that purposefully helping you decipher what to use to make the best use of your time (and $$$$).  

I was lucky enough to have a year off to do paid-research and thus began a slight obsession with how to be the best in the industry – from soup-to-nuts sourcing, recruiting and executing among large teams. 

So here’s what we’re going to chat about: our biggest challenges, tools to use and the success rates, and what “might” be better, or at least worthy of trying to replace some of outdated practices so you WIN!  This session was created to help YOU WIN and think outside-of-the-box.  Personally, I haven’t found a way to make myself give in to the every-day approach – or at least stop searching how to do it better.  We may openly agree, disagree, or you may walk away adopting brand new sourcing and recruiting strategies that rock your world.  

Don’t take my word for it, come join the conversation – because there will be no talking head. I will likely ask questions, run through new tools and then sit back and listen to your successes – and failures – since we’ve all had ’em (with a Playbook to take home of course). #SourceLikeABoss


Marie Burns is a Boston-based talent acquisition and management, culture, and organizational development leader who rapidly scales companies, typically start-ups and mid-sized companies by advising and executing on strategic programs, motivating teams, and creating innovative ideas for any problem in need of a solution. Her insights have been shared through Recruiting Tools, The Muse, Mashable, Forbes, and other publications. She leads multiple recruiting and innovation communities including the BATSA leadership committee (the largest recruiting community on the east coast), and serves as a start-up advisor and on global boards. She also presents at local and global talent management conferences to evangelize innovative recruiting methods for building successful engaged, distributed, millennial and future workforces.

Ms. Burns founded TalentAmp in 2014 after becoming increasingly frustrated with the “same old” recruiting practices when talent acquisition has so much more to offer. Today she spends her time advising new product companies, training leaders and recruiting teams how to effectively hire the best talent. Simultaneously, she is building a new product unlike any other on the market. She tweets @marieburns.