recruitDC 2019

Thank you for celebrating 10 fabulous years with us! The slide decks are included via SlideShare below.

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We will start with the basics of sourcing and some tips for LinkedIn (Basic and Recruiter). We will then delve deeper into useful tools, tips, tricks, and techniques. We’ll also cover some ways to help you better navigate the DC landscape. Since the DC metro area is an eclectic mix of organizations and people unlike anywhere else in the country, we will discuss some sourcing tactics that are specific to the area. 

Who Should Attend: Sourcers, recruiters, and talent acquisition leaders who realize the importance of the interaction between techniques, technology and tools in their daily recruiting efforts. Anyone looking for ways to improve their sourcing methodologies and best practices should also consider attending.

A company is only as exceptional as the people in it, and to get exceptional people, a strong recruitment process is a must. Whether you’re building a recruitment process for the first time or want to optimize a current one, Brian Fink will provide guidelines and resources that will get put your process ahead of the pack. From understanding your needs to providing a positive candidate experience, we’ll create a comprehensive and actionable process that will nurture candidates and eliminate bottlenecks! At a glance we will focus on: 

  • Knowing your must-haves from your nice-to-haves 
  • Understanding what success will look like in the role 
  • Attracting active and passive talent 
  • Nurturing candidates until the timing is right

Job boards and resume databases have long been the primary methods of sourcing for Recruiters. While resume databases contain millions of “opt in” candidates, the open-web contains billions of profiles and web pages. This track will discuss alternative means of finding talent which leverage open-source methods and open web sourcing. We will discuss the use of automation tools and repurposed open-source solutions to create custom recruiting solutions to improve sourcing efficiency.

Like eating the proverbial elephant, successfully navigating the path to diversity requires a series of small  steps rather than a single leap. It is a journey that combines people, processes, and technology across a wide 
range of topics, each with its own challenges and rewards. 

During this session, we will explore the rich landscape of hiring and how to blaze a trail to an unbiased,  diverse program: from communication and candidate experience, to qualifications, candidate evaluations, 
assessments, and finally candidate selection. We will define goals, tactics and techniques, along with insights on how to effect change within your organizations.  Join us as we map a step-by-step path to a more diverse and inclusive hiring program.

Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by communities, both at work and at home. Studies show that in the office, maximizing your community members’ engagement leads to better retention and higher productivity. But how do you maximize that engagement? Take a journey with me as I dissect the elements of a strong community. I’ll start with my full circle career from Community Relations Intern with the Baltimore Orioles to Director of Talent and Community Engagement at a cutting edge software company. Next, we will look at building a community in your office, metrics and ROI around community engagement, and real-life examples of community building successes.

We’ll even identify your less active members and discuss approaches of how to engage them more- or even get value from them at their current status. We’ll also analyze the relationship between culture and community- how they are different and how they are dependant upon one another. Finally, I’ll provide suggestions on a handful of resources that can be helpful in your workplace community planning.

Do you like to go after a candidate as soon as you see their profile or do you like to know more about them, cultivate a relationship and then bring them to the table? After this session, attendees will walk away with: 

  • Tools to find and connect candidates- ATS, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. 
  • When it might be a good idea to get straight to the point and when you might want to wait (Layoffs, stock-market changes, IPOs etc) 
  • How do you choose the right strategy while working on active positions
  • Personal success stories covering each situation