New Perspective in TA: Recruiting News Network Highlights Fresh Voices, Breaking News

Newly launched Recruiting News Network (RNN) offers a fresh, unique perspective on the talent acquisition industry.  

Started in February 2020, RNN is the brainchild of Neil Costa and Martin Burns of HireClix, a recruitment marketing services firm based in Massachusetts   

“What makes us unique is we have a different set of voices,” Costa said. We saw an opportunity to hear from talent acquisition professionals who are in the trenches and up on the latest trends.”  

While he and Burns have great respect for well-established thought leaders in the industry, they’ve seen that too often it’s the same people who secure speaking engagements, are quoted in the news, or are featured in content. RNN enables recruiters actively working in the field to add value to the conversation.  

We’re trying to uncover those hidden gems in the industry and give them a voice,” Costa said. 

One way RNN highlights new voices is by featuring more in-depth Q&A’s with different TA leaders, such as directors and VPs. RNN also features a People on the Move section to highlight career moves of TA professionals. 

Another RNN goal is to become a news information hub for the industry, said Burns, who is RNN’s editor-in-chiefRNN not only writes about current news, technology and money, but it also shares articles from other sources, such as relevant articles from the New York Times and The Verge, as well as trainings, webinars and podcasts.   

RNN also has a global focus rather than reporting solely on TA news in the U.S. For example, RNN has written profiles of TA leaders in the UK and Australia. An upcoming interview highlights an executive from Denmark. 

Helping Recruiters Make Sense of Hot Topics

Whatever RNN is covering at the time, its goal is help readers make sense of the news and enable better decision making. Some of the hot topics RNN is covering include the following: 

Digital Recruiting

Given the impact of COVID-19, digital recruiting is a hot topicHow does the industry recruit and hire when so many people are working from home? It’s quite possible that this current environment will permanently change recruiting. For example, one TA leader that Burns interviewed said when things return to normal, he won’t go back to the way he used to do things, because he has learned new ways to become more effective.    

Campus Recruiting 

RNN is also looking at the pandemic’s impact on campus recruiting and career fairs. RNN recently published a piece from a former college intern and new graduate who reported on what students are experiencing and how best to reach them. RNN plans to run a companion piece on what tools employers can use to facilitate campus recruiting.  

Diversity and Inclusion 

Another topic RNN is focusing on is diversity and inclusion in the hiring process. 

The industry has a focus on D&I, for good reason. We’re interested in providing factual, data-driven coverage on the issue, as well as covering new initiatives and technologies that play a part in D&I.”

Technology and Money 

With new technologies constantly hitting the market, it can be a challenge for TA professionals to separate fact from fiction and determine what technologies will work best for them and their teams. Consider, for example, the concern the industry has about artificial intelligence. RNN also delves into money hot topics, which often go hand-in-hand with technology, because technology requires a large investment.

No Advertising…Yet 

One thing you’ll notice when you visit the RNN site is the lack of advertising. While Costa and Burns are still working out the details of RNN’s business model, they want to make sure the site isn’t cluttered. When they do seek advertisers and sponsors, they want to keep the number low, so that visitors get to know the vendors and advertisers in the space. 

Want to Be a Contributor? 

RNN is looking for contributors to bring fresh ideas. Burns is open to pitches on all topics, but stressed that RNN is a news site, not a blog focused on emotional thought pieces. Content is more data driven. And if you have a hot topic but don’t want to contribute, RNN would still love to hear it.  


To pitch your idea, contact Martin Burns at [email protected]. 

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