SourceCon 2017: From a First-timer’s Perspective

By Tiffany Ballve

I don’t know why I waited ten years to finally attend the greatest sourcing conference of all time. I figured “go big or go home” and decided to attend Sourcecon’s 10th -anniversary conference this past week in Austin, TX with 800 of my closest friends.  The lessons and gems I took away from only 3 days of sessions will last me a long time to come.  Everything from deep web sourcing techniques to good ole’ phone sourcing (taking it back to our roots).  I listened to the likes of sourcing greats like Steve Levy and Stacey Zapar as well as some newbies (Maisha Cannon and Sarah Goldberg) hitting the stage that could’ve fooled me that it was their first time up there.

The annual hackathon was a blast last a few hours into Tuesday night crowning a new Hackathon winner with his magical unicorn hat.  This was sourcing games on crack with lots of fun and tomfoolery to be had including many hard core sourcers wearing Anonymous masks.  Throughout the conference we had a special guest (Batman) join us with riddles that we answered on our phones to vie for the last coveted seat as a Grandmaster Sourcer finalist.  Luckily I would soon find out that the last seat was mine!!

Alongside the breakout sessions and keynotes, Sourcecon had an Innovation Lab with up and coming tech as well as some proven platforms such as Paired Sourcing, Crowded, and Sourcing Academy. I got to play around with some really cool tools that I look forward to using such as SeekOut, Data Miner, and Hiretual. The regulars were there as well drumming up lots of interest (Indeed, Dice, Jobvite, Entelo, and Hiring Solved). Even iRevu made the trek all the way from DC.

Above all the amazing sessions and sourcing golden nuggets were the friendships to be made and networking around the clock.  Whether it be finally meeting most of the greats in person or catching up with old friends over espresso at 12am, it was hands down the best conference experience I’ve had to date.  It definitely didn’t disappoint and I can’t wait to attend many more in the future.

NOTE: Our keynote presenters at recruitDC’s Fall 2017 event will share their thoughts about recruiting’s newest technologies as well the criteria for assessing them for your company.  We will also feature our first Innovation Lab to allow you to see some of those tools in action!