Getting Back To Recruiting Basics

By Mike Chuidian Couldn’t I argue that most of us hate being uncomfortable?! Couldn’t I also argue that some of us don’t like change? But couldn’t I also argue that change and being uncomfortable are the two things that hold us back from realizing our full potential as human beings? Several months ago, I was forced...

Tech Shoppers Beware: Don’t Buy Candidates From This Guy!

By Susan Strayer LaMotte I often talk with HR vendors, staffing agencies and RPOs about how to sell into HR and I’m continually amazed by the tactics people use. I’m not a career salesperson, but I have spent quite a bit of time in the buyer’s seat, and now that I run a consulting firm,...

A Recruiting Life – What’s The Path For Me?

By Conor Nicholson Ask a recruiter where they’ll be in five or ten years and see what they say. I’m willing to bet the vast majority would respond with “I have no idea” or something to that effect. That exact scenario played out last month when recruitDC founder Ben Gotkin asked the crowd if they...