Fall 2016 Speaker Preview: Dave Galley

Do you recruit for the same basic positions, over and over? Do you search in a very specialized niche, with a limited pool of potential candidates? Maybe both? Whether you're a search novice or a Boolean badass with a list of all the best search queries typed out in Excel, you can still find yourself...

It’s All In Magellan

By Derek Zeller When I first started in recruiting there were significant differences than in today’s environment. It seems that the first thing we do is run to a job board, LinkedIn, or just post and pray. What happened to that database that you have? I mean there are agencies and companies that have been...

Don’t Blame Your ATS – A Movement

By Ben Gotkin I’m starting a movement, will you please join me.  Far too much over the past several years, a certain inanimate technology has received a lot of grief, being blamed for everything from black-holes to being completely useless. In the past 6 months, I have heard at major conferences that “We need to...

Keep Calm and Carry On – Talent Pipelines & The Shutdown

By Kathleen Smith Be Calm and Carry on… Right! Frustration, anxiety and uncertainty. Yes, we all have it! What to do next? As recruiters in the federal government community, we are also confronted with a large community of job seekers who are flooding you with resumes and applications. When the ball gets rolling again, you...