Ben Gotkin

2014 Candidate Experience Awards – Celebrating 6 DC-Area Winners!

By Ben Gotkin Last week I had the privilege of attending the first ever Candidate Experience Symposium in Chicago, where the 2014 Candidate Experience Award (CandE) Winners were announced and where we heard from many of the winners themselves and HR luminaries such as Libby Sartain on what it takes to deliver a world-class candidate...

Job Postings Are Not Dead, Despite Zappos Claim

By Ben Gotkin Every now and then, a high profile company does something so ground breaking, unique or radical in their talent management strategy that everyone takes notice, often resulting in the question, is this a new trend? Is ___ dead? For example, when Yahoo! announced the end of telecommuting for their employees, pundits questioned...

Introducing recruitDC’s Spring 2014 Keynote, Laurie Ruettimann

recruitDC founder, Ben Gotkin takes a few minutes to talk with Laurie Ruettimann about her keynote speech on personal branding. You can catch Laurie at the Spring 2014 recruitDC event. Need tickets for the event? Get them here

Don’t Blame Your ATS – A Movement

By Ben Gotkin I’m starting a movement, will you please join me.  Far too much over the past several years, a certain inanimate technology has received a lot of grief, being blamed for everything from black-holes to being completely useless. In the past 6 months, I have heard at major conferences that “We need to...

20 Years Recruiting In DC – What I’ve Learned From Some Amazing People

By Ben Gotkin 20 years. 2 decades.  It feels like a long time to be doing anything, and it forces you to reflect on some things.   As I enter my 20th year in the recruiting profession, I think back to a few of those who I learned from and influenced me early in my career. ...

A Tribute To A “Famillion-aire”

By Ben Gotkin It was almost a decade ago that my colleagues and I sat at the downtown DC Ritz-Carlton to see our boss, Gary Cluff, receive the 2004 HRLF Award for Service.  He was being honored for his years of bringing the local HR and Recruiting community together through Project SAVE, MASH, and a...

Devoted To Educating Our Own

By Ben Gotkin As we close in on completing our 4th year at recruitDC, I look back with tremendous pride with what we’ve accomplished.  Myself and several others sensed a significant void in recruiter education and networking in the DC market and in the Fall of 2009, we decided to do something about it.  Fast...