celinda appleby

Fall 2015 Speaker Preview: Celinda Appleby

The question I have been getting a TON lately is:  "How to do you come up with campaign/content ideas?"The short answer, is they come to me at the weirdest times, so I keep lots of notes on my Iphone. I also read  WAY too much and follow news outlets/trends that inspire me. News and Pop...

What Do Recruiting & Bartending Have In Common?

By Celinda Appleby Over at HP, we have been having a conversation amongst our Global Talent Acquisition team about “What makes a Great Recruiter?” on our internal social media network. The responses from our Recruiters have been really awesome! However, all I keep thinking about is how recruiting is like bartending. Maybe I am in...

recruitDC Tweetup – Why It’s A Must-Attend

By Celinda Appleby It is safe to share that the concept of the “Three Amigos” was solidified over Bob Evans brunch about a year and a half ago. Mike, Derek and I came up with the brilliant idea to host Tweet-ups for local recruiting tweeps after we bonded over Social Media Sourcing Tips. Lucky for...

Social Media for the Job Seeker

By Celinda Appleby All this buzz about using social media for job seeking can be extremely daunting and even scary. Especially when you consider the original reason you joined most social sites… to connect with others outside of work.  Here are some simple tips to tackle social media for job hunting. 1)     Dynamic Profiles: Clean...

Talent Attraction Through Social Media

By Celinda Appleby The war on talent is real and companies are taking steps to become more innovative and strategic in their tactics to attract and retain the very best talent. As a whole, recruiting professionals have become serious about utilizing social media for talent attraction. Did you know that 92% of companies are using social...

2013 RecruitDC Spring Conference: A Retrospect by Mike Chuidian

By Mike Chuidian I don’t have any expectations when I go to recruiting conferences. I’ve always gone in with an open mind and have always focused on learning; not only from the speakers, but from all of the bright recruiters that attend these conferences. RecruitDC 2013 did not disappoint as Artisphere in Arlington, VA hosted...

Reflections From RecruitDC

By Celinda Appleby After my participation in the RecruitDC Career Development Panel, I took the time to reflect on both my presentations and all of the others.  What I love about attending the RecruitDC conference and mini- networking events is that I am guaranteed to walk away reenergized to approach my career in a different...