Fall 2017 Speaker Preview: Celebrating Local Company Cultures

Lauryn Sargent, who will be speaking at the Fall 2017 recruitDC event on Dec 7, shares stories of local DC area companies she's worked with recently to create story-based recruitment marketing campaigns that focus on unique aspects of their company cultures. 

Fall 2015 Speaker Preview: Celinda Appleby

The question I have been getting a TON lately is:  "How to do you come up with campaign/content ideas?"The short answer, is they come to me at the weirdest times, so I keep lots of notes on my Iphone. I also read  WAY too much and follow news outlets/trends that inspire me. News and Pop...

Fall 2015 Speaker Preview: Susan LaMotte

Do you ever wonder why you’ve been recruiting the same hires for your company and it never gets easier? Or why the strong hires you made a few years ago find their way out the door a few years later? Recruiting challenges are a part of our daily routine as talent acquisition and recruiting professionals....

How Effective Leaders Produce Results

A guest post by The RBL Group Driving optimal results, developing an efficient workplace culture, and setting the stage for teamwork is all in a day’s work for an effective leader. These office superheroes lead their teams to success while ensuring that every member plays an active role in the process. Ever wonder how they...