Doug Munro

We Do We Do It?

By Doug Munro Spoiler alert – you’ve read this piece before. It’s been written by many great recruiters, but frankly the story never gets old for me. I hope others feel the same way. Most of us run a constant risk of becoming bitter and jaded. More than likely all of us have slipped away...

Expectations, Meet Reality

By Doug Munro I came across a job posting recently that highlighted the chasm between expectations and reality in many small and mid-sized companies when it comes to recruiting. I’ve edited a bit for space, omitted some of the usual requirements – excellent communications skills, etc. – and added a few observations. I will not...

recruitDC Tweetup – Why It’s A Must-Attend

By Celinda Appleby It is safe to share that the concept of the “Three Amigos” was solidified over Bob Evans brunch about a year and a half ago. Mike, Derek and I came up with the brilliant idea to host Tweet-ups for local recruiting tweeps after we bonded over Social Media Sourcing Tips. Lucky for...

Managing The “TMI” Syndrome

By Doug Munro As recruiters we are bombarded with information on tools, methodologies and tricks that purport to make us more effective at identifying and recruiting talent. A huge industry has evolved around vendors and thought leaders telling us that we need their products and insights to perfect our craft. Some of this information is...