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The Candidate Experience – Each Candidate Is Different

By Kathleen Smith Thanks to several programs and general awareness a focus in recruiting now is the candidate experience. While this is all good, we have to remember that not all candidates are created equal. 

Attracting Younger Professionals into the Intelligence Community

By Kathleen Smith There has been a lot written about the challenges of recruiting, hiring and retaining Millennials. At a recent Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA ) event Millennials, the Community and  Social Media panelists discussed how this generation is impacted and can have an impact in the intelligence community.

Recruiting: It’s Not All In The Name

By Derek Zeller It’s true. In fact there is an interesting perception that because you’re big, you are better. Everyone wants to work for you.  Who wouldn’t want to work at Google, Amazon, and Apple?  Apparently there are a few.  How can I back up this statement?  Well, in my best Jim Carey voice “LET...

Job Postings Are Not Dead – Part 2

By Ben Gotkin Somewhere along the line, recruiting technology became ‘self-aware’, allowing organizations to mindlessly post all of their jobs to job boards globally, big and small.  It was in the late 90’s and it was pegged as the solution to our sourcing challenges.  For the first time ever, candidates could ‘easily’ and quickly apply...

How To Think Like A Marketer

By Lexi Gordon It all comes down to marketing. When a political candidate is lobbying for votes, he’s campaigning. I would argue he’s marketing. When a lawyer makes it to partner, she’s no longer practicing law, she’s marketing the firm’s services to bring in new business. When a recruiter is seeking out candidates, he’s recruiting....

The Gap: Increasing Employee Retention Through Increasing Its Minimum Wage

By Lexi Gordon As part of my morning routine, I was sifting through emails on my iPhone today when I came across an email from Gap Inc. with the subject line, “Gap is doing more…” I normally delete these sorts of promotional emails, but this subject line was catchy enough to get me to click through. I assumed...

Did You Give A Valentine?

By Kathleen Smith For a lot of people Valentine’s Day just sucks. The advertisements, the sentiment and “ohs and ahs” on Facebook about what someone else got. What did you get? Nothing. Zip. Nada.  This may remind you of being at the high school dance and no one asked you to dance, or when they...

One Small Step…..

By Kathleen Smith It’s the New Year, and lots of resolutions have been already broken.  It’s the second full work week of the New Year, and you want to do more with less, update your recruiting style, or just be a bit more effective. There are lots of silver bullets being touted and buzzword bingo...

Super Girl Power – Looking Back At recruitDC

By Kerry Noone I have an image similar to this on my bulletin board above my desk and much to my surprise every time I look at it I am able to take a deep breath and remember I am human.  It’s a simple reminder that I am only one person and I can only...

It’s all about local – recruitDC

By Derek Zeller So what is the value of a LOCAL recruiting conference? Why go? What could I possibly gain from this? I mean there are lots of conferences to go to. ERE, SHRM, Sourcecon, Talent42, etc. They are national stages and days long seminars and meetings. They offer the biggest speakers for 30 minutes...
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