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Tapping The Veteran IT Pool

By Bob Wheeler The hiring process can be painful for both organizations seeking talent, and individual job seekers. Gaps in common skills and language are typically cited as reasons for veteran hiring initiatives. It’s also agreed by most experts that, of the military skill set, Information Technology and cyber skills are some of the most...

Social Media Recruiting in the Defense and Intelligence Community

By Kathleen Smith The buzz concerning social media for recruiting and employer branding has reached a fever pitch. What was once thought impossible, namely access to social media sites, and is now permitted. But now that the gates have opened many are in a quandary as to how to implement social media.

Attracting Younger Professionals into the Intelligence Community

By Kathleen Smith There has been a lot written about the challenges of recruiting, hiring and retaining Millennials. At a recent Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA ) event Millennials, the Community and  Social Media panelists discussed how this generation is impacted and can have an impact in the intelligence community.

8 Honest Tips For Transitioning Veterans

By Tim McHugh As a veteran many of us have been put in circumstances and positions that our civilian counterparts will never fathom much less truly understand.  Unfortunately, far too many veterans believe these experiences somehow entitle them to a career in the civilian world.  As veterans transition to the for profit world many don’t...

Spring Is Here: Grow Your Veteran Candidates

By Kathleen Smith We continue to see a large veteran work force transition and even with all the transition support programs out available, veteran unemployment still stand at 5.6%. Veteran hiring was the topic of conversation at a recent recruitDC Military Hiring Networking Session, where attendees looked at veteran recruiting through two lenses: from veteran...

How The OFCCP Is Going To Affect Government Contractors And Recruiting – Part 2

Ed. Note: This is part 2 of the series. You can find part 1 here By Derek Zeller In my first post on this subject I brought up the new rules that affect sourcing and recruiting.  In this follow up post I will talk about a few more things you should know.  Some of this...

How The OFCCP Is Going To Affect Government Contractors And Recruiting – Part 1

By Derek Zeller I am now going on my 11th year of recruiting within the GOV space and within that time I have seen quite a few changes. Nothing like the ones I am seeing now.  Usually I write with a little humor in my posts but what is coming is no laughing matter and...

Winter I$ Coming – Part 1

This post was originally published on the ClearedJobs.net Blog. It is republished with permission.  By Derek Zeller The theme is prevalent in the HBO show and book seriesGame of Thrones. It’s a prophetic thought that is set by these three words. “Winter is Coming” is the motto of House Stark. The meaning behind these words is one of warning and...