The Art Of Recruiting

By Gary Cluff S-E-A-R-C-H  – – – that’s we all say we do. Well, nowadays, some of us do, but others of us only play a part in the total effort. To truly be an effective, full-cycle recruiter, you must do it all. S is for Sourcing. This is where it all starts. Reaching out,...

5 Reasons Recruiting Is Like Dating

Ed. Note: This post was republished with permission from Susan LaMotte, and the orignal posting can be found here By Susan LaMotte There’s a great scene in Sex and the City where Charlotte proclaims she’s exhausted with dating. Constantly trying to find “the one” is tiring. And while there’s no real limit on the time we can take...

Recruiters – Why Don’t We Scrum More?

By Pete Radloff Timely. Detailed. Manager. Feedback. When you read that, you have one of two likely reactions. They are probably either “I’m sorry, what did you say? Was that English?” or “Oh, you mean when a manager says ‘hmmm, Not a fit'”. Let’s face it, regardless of whether you are an internal or external...

4 Ways To Find Better Startup Talent

By Susan Strayer LaMotte It’s a pivotal moment, really. The point when you finally hit the magic budget number and you can add to your startup team. But chances are you have no idea how to hire. No offense, but it’s true. Sure, you’ve worked in companies before and added to your team. You’ve interviewed...
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