Getting Employee Relocation Right

Your company has had an open position for months and you have found the perfect candidate for the role, but they live half way across the country.  Your company has agreed to relocate the new employee and you would like to make sure that it goes well.  How do you proceed with the new hire...

To Find the Right Candidates, Take a Different Approach

Most companies that are hiring for sales or customer service roles tend to do so at large volume, attracting thousands of applicants. Yet, despite the multitude of applicants, CEB data show that 72 percent are of average quality at best.The reason why? Candidates today are far less picky in the early stages of a job...

Five Questions You Aren’t Asking About Your People Data

By Susan LaMotte Quick quiz–how many presentations have you given with percentages or pie charts? Business has always been a numbers game. Every proposal, every case, every request for funding–data drives decisions and we know it. And now we’ve gone big. Big data. 

How To Think Like A Marketer

By Lexi Gordon It all comes down to marketing. When a political candidate is lobbying for votes, he’s campaigning. I would argue he’s marketing. When a lawyer makes it to partner, she’s no longer practicing law, she’s marketing the firm’s services to bring in new business. When a recruiter is seeking out candidates, he’s recruiting....

Guest Post: The Future of HR Tech

Ed. Note: This was republished with consent from HR Examiner. To see the original post, please click here By John Sumser Our current definitions of what is and isn’t HRTech are astonishingly narrow. Generally speaking, the world of HR Technology is limited to the varieties of software and service that execute the administrative end of...