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A Glut Of Recruiters Jobs In The DC Area?

This past January, I was laid off at my company and I immediately updated my resume and applied to numerous companies and staffing agencies (Spoiler Alert: I start my new job with the HR Source this week). I did get interviews, including several from staffing firms. Without asking, all the staffing firms told me there...

Jason Redman: A Veteran’s Perspective

By Kathleen Smith Jason Redman is a keynote speaker on the second day of the CyberMaryland 2014 conference. Jason is a U.S. Navy SEAL Lieutenant (retired), Founder of SOF Spoken Speaking company, author of “The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy Seal Leader” and CEO and Founder of Wounded Wear. I feel really...

Turning The Tables – Job Searching As A Recruiter

As recruiters, we’re uniquely positioned to see job searches on a daily basis. We see how they start, the progression of the interview cycle, and the end of the cycle where a candidate lands in their new job. As is often true, it’s hard to see something clearly when you are right on top of it....

How To Network Your Way Into Your Next Startup Job

By David Adelman Landing a job isn’t easy. With unemployment stubbornly high and constant competition from overqualified candidates, overseas labor and overzealous robots, getting hired is getting harder. I recently watched several friends go through the job hunt, and one thing became clear: The traditional method of applying for posted jobs won’t cut it anymore....

Expectations, Meet Reality

By Doug Munro I came across a job posting recently that highlighted the chasm between expectations and reality in many small and mid-sized companies when it comes to recruiting. I’ve edited a bit for space, omitted some of the usual requirements – excellent communications skills, etc. – and added a few observations. I will not...

Job Postings Are Not Dead, Despite Zappos Claim

By Ben Gotkin Every now and then, a high profile company does something so ground breaking, unique or radical in their talent management strategy that everyone takes notice, often resulting in the question, is this a new trend? Is ___ dead? For example, when Yahoo! announced the end of telecommuting for their employees, pundits questioned...

8 Honest Tips For Transitioning Veterans

By Tim McHugh As a veteran many of us have been put in circumstances and positions that our civilian counterparts will never fathom much less truly understand.  Unfortunately, far too many veterans believe these experiences somehow entitle them to a career in the civilian world.  As veterans transition to the for profit world many don’t...

Social Media for the Job Seeker

By Celinda Appleby All this buzz about using social media for job seeking can be extremely daunting and even scary. Especially when you consider the original reason you joined most social sites… to connect with others outside of work.  Here are some simple tips to tackle social media for job hunting. 1)     Dynamic Profiles: Clean...

Finding Hope

By Jim Hollister As we move into the end of 2013, I continue to see articles and announcements of layoffs in the papers and online. Lockheed Martin just announced that they will have a lay-off of over 4000 of their employees. Unfortunately, as we move into the Holiday Season, that means move layoff announcements will...