Kathleen Smith

Have We Lost our Olympic Fever for Recruiting?

By Kathleen Smith The Olympics are over, (or did you even know there were on?) I remember growing up watching Nadia Comancei reach the perfect 10, Mark Spitz setting records for swimming and watching the swoosh of Dorothy Hamill’s hair. We looked to these idols, not only in sports, but in every day and every...

One Small Step…..

By Kathleen Smith It’s the New Year, and lots of resolutions have been already broken.  It’s the second full work week of the New Year, and you want to do more with less, update your recruiting style, or just be a bit more effective. There are lots of silver bullets being touted and buzzword bingo...

Keep Calm and Carry On – Talent Pipelines & The Shutdown

By Kathleen Smith Be Calm and Carry on… Right! Frustration, anxiety and uncertainty. Yes, we all have it! What to do next? As recruiters in the federal government community, we are also confronted with a large community of job seekers who are flooding you with resumes and applications. When the ball gets rolling again, you...

Fall 2013 RecruitDC Tickets Now Available!

The recruitDC fall event is coming on November 14, 2013! Join us for a morning of information sharing, networking and learning with your DC area recruiting colleagues. We’ll be descending on the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Silver Spring, MD for our venue. Visit the Eventbrite site to grab your tickets so you...

Recruiters, Be All You Can Be

By Kathleen Smith At the Spring 2012 recruitDC event, I had the privilege to share with the recruiting community tips on how to incorporate veteran hiring into a recruiter’s mindset. The poignant beginning of this presentation was the opening by Colonel David Sutherland, former Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff....
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