Looking Back On Talent Connect 2014

By Danielle Boykin I’m fresh off the plane from Talent Connect in San Francisco, and am trying to put into words how I feel about the overall experience.  Here are the highlights: San Francisco was beautiful, the Giants were going to the World Series, the weather was pleasant and the fog was minimal…what’s not to...

How To Network Your Way Into Your Next Startup Job

By David Adelman Landing a job isn’t easy. With unemployment stubbornly high and constant competition from overqualified candidates, overseas labor and overzealous robots, getting hired is getting harder. I recently watched several friends go through the job hunt, and one thing became clear: The traditional method of applying for posted jobs won’t cut it anymore....

recruitDC Poll: Should Recruiters Contact Candidates Via Their Work Email?

There has been some discussion in the recruiting community over the last few months about the best way recruiters should reach out to candidates. You can read a sampling of the articles here. With the wide array of tools like SellHack, LinkedIn, Entelo and TalentBin available to recruiters and sourcers today, we wanted to know what you think.  Do you take...

20 Years Recruiting In DC – What I’ve Learned From Some Amazing People

By Ben Gotkin 20 years. 2 decades.  It feels like a long time to be doing anything, and it forces you to reflect on some things.   As I enter my 20th year in the recruiting profession, I think back to a few of those who I learned from and influenced me early in my career. ...

Fast and Furious – Social Media Tools from recruitDC’s Fall 2013 Event

Our Fast and Furious Social Media session at the Fall 2013 event was a huge success! But with 60 tips in 60 minutes, it was a lot to digest! Fear not, we’ve got you covered.  Below are all the tools that our Super Ladies of Social Media shared with the audience that you can use...

Tech Shoppers Beware: Don’t Buy Candidates From This Guy!

By Susan Strayer LaMotte I often talk with HR vendors, staffing agencies and RPOs about how to sell into HR and I’m continually amazed by the tactics people use. I’m not a career salesperson, but I have spent quite a bit of time in the buyer’s seat, and now that I run a consulting firm,...

Social Media for the Job Seeker

By Celinda Appleby All this buzz about using social media for job seeking can be extremely daunting and even scary. Especially when you consider the original reason you joined most social sites… to connect with others outside of work.  Here are some simple tips to tackle social media for job hunting. 1)     Dynamic Profiles: Clean...

Keep Calm and Carry On – Talent Pipelines & The Shutdown

By Kathleen Smith Be Calm and Carry on… Right! Frustration, anxiety and uncertainty. Yes, we all have it! What to do next? As recruiters in the federal government community, we are also confronted with a large community of job seekers who are flooding you with resumes and applications. When the ball gets rolling again, you...

recruitDC MoCo Sourcing Roundtable Meetup Recap

In 2013, recruitDC responded to the demand from the local recruiting community to provide more learning and networking opportunities by producing a series of ‘Meetups’ at various locations throughout Maryland and Virginia. The Meetups so far have primarily been free, brief, less formal events where 30-40 recruiters could get together for free to learn from...

Talent42 – The Current & Future State of Sourcing

Ed. Note: We’ve asked our friend, Amy Ala permission to repost her review of the session by Glen Cathey at Talent42. It was originally posted on RecruitingBlogs.com By Amy Ala The most valuable commodity I know of is information, wouldn’t you agree? -Gordon Gekko, Wall Street The most over-used word in my house right now...