recruitDC Member Spotlight

Christine Winchester is a cybersecurity talent acquisition manager for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. She has 18 years of recruiting experience and is a former U.S. Marine. Christine was recently recognized by Project S.A.V.E. with the annual Award for Recruiting Excellence and is an active volunteer for RecruitDC.  Q: How did you land in...

Why I’m Super Fired Up About recruitDC

Hey I’m Chris Comrie- manager of the Recruiting Leaders Community. I love what I do.

May the SOURCE be with you! – A Beginners Guide to Sourcing on Social Media:

Are you new to recruiting/sourcing? Have you reached a dead-end in your searching repertoire? Are you ready to use the SOURCE?! Sourcing can be intimidating for those new to recruiting and talent acquisition field.  However, I hope to relieve your stress by showing you some of the sourcing techniques that I have learned and used over...

Predictive Analytics with the Algorithms

It wasn’t that long ago when recruiters relied on a phone, a Rolodex and a pile of resumes. With little else to work from, it was up to the recruiter to determine whether or not the candidate had the qualifications as stated. The problem with this process was that it was time-consuming and it was...

My recruitDC Story

I will never forget my first ever recruitDC. It was Spring of 2014. I have not missed one since!

Fall 2017 Speaker Preview: Celebrating Local Company Cultures

Lauryn Sargent, who will be speaking at the Fall 2017 recruitDC event on Dec 7, shares stories of local DC area companies she's worked with recently to create story-based recruitment marketing campaigns that focus on unique aspects of their company cultures. 

Why recruitDC Matters To Me

The amazingly talented Audra Knight appears on recruitDC today. She'll discuss why you should be coming to next week's event, and what recruitDC has meant to her. We're looking forward to seeing Audra share her expertise next week. 

Fall 2016 Speaker Preview: Dave Galley

Do you recruit for the same basic positions, over and over? Do you search in a very specialized niche, with a limited pool of potential candidates? Maybe both? Whether you're a search novice or a Boolean badass with a list of all the best search queries typed out in Excel, you can still find yourself...

The State of recruitDC: 2016 and Beyond

As we enter into the seventh (!) year of recruitDC, it was time for the board to take stock of where we have been, what we are doing and where we would like to go. Thanks to Susan LaMotte and exaqueo team we were able to do research and focus groups with the community.  From this research and...

Want To Speak At The Next recruitDC Conference?

Looking for an opportunity to share your expertise with the greater recruitDC community? Join us on May 26th for the Spring recruitDC conference, and present your ideas, strategies and success stories!  Head over to the Call For Presenters page, and review the information about submissions, as well as the form to send to our team...
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