Why I’m Super Fired Up About recruitDC

Hey I’m Chris Comrie- manager of the Recruiting Leaders Community. I love what I do.

May the SOURCE be with you! – A Beginners Guide to Sourcing on Social Media:

Are you new to recruiting/sourcing? Have you reached a dead-end in your searching repertoire? Are you ready to use the SOURCE?! Sourcing can be intimidating for those new to recruiting and talent acquisition field.  However, I hope to relieve your stress by showing you some of the sourcing techniques that I have learned and used over...

My recruitDC Story

I will never forget my first ever recruitDC. It was Spring of 2014. I have not missed one since!

SourceCon 2017: From a First-timer’s Perspective

Board member, Tiffany Ballve, recaps her experience at SourceCon 2017 Austin. 

Welcome Back To recruitDC, Matt Charney!

We're excited to welcome Matt Charney back to recruitDC this May, and he has pulled together a great closing keynote, with some great information to share with attendees. Always one to look past what's shiny on the surface, and well-known for calling things "as they are", Matt will bring a fresh perspective to some important...

Thank You, recruitDC

I've been very lucky in my career. Luck played a part in how I even got into recruiting. It played a part in my having some of the best mentors and teachers that you could ask for over the course of a career. Because of my appreciation for all of this luck, I've always wanted...

Source Houston – Texas Takes Over

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, and there or over 2.1M people in Houston proper with another 4M people in the surrounding suburbs.  Almost 30,000 people here in Houston say they are in the business of hiring people. I bet there are exceedingly intelligent recruiters here in Houston that push the...

HR Tech Fest Coming to DC!

Conferences are flocking to DC, it seems! We've got a special offer for our recruitDC community, courtesy of The Eventful Group. HR Tech Fest is coming to DC April 20 through the 22nd. As a member of the recruitDC community, they are offering a Buy One Get One ticket price with an additional $100 off the...

A Glut Of Recruiters Jobs In The DC Area?

This past January, I was laid off at my company and I immediately updated my resume and applied to numerous companies and staffing agencies (Spoiler Alert: I start my new job with the HR Source this week). I did get interviews, including several from staffing firms. Without asking, all the staffing firms told me there...

To Find the Right Candidates, Take a Different Approach

Most companies that are hiring for sales or customer service roles tend to do so at large volume, attracting thousands of applicants. Yet, despite the multitude of applicants, CEB data show that 72 percent are of average quality at best.The reason why? Candidates today are far less picky in the early stages of a job...
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