recruitDC Member Spotlight

Christine Winchester is a cybersecurity talent acquisition manager for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. She has 18 years of recruiting experience and is a former U.S. Marine. Christine was recently recognized by Project S.A.V.E. with the annual Award for Recruiting Excellence and is an active volunteer for RecruitDC.  Q: How did you land in...

3 Great Online Sourcing Tips

By Jeremy Bonewitz, Talent Acquisition Manager – Stantec     I recently attended Online Sourcing Learning Day 2020, and I‘d like to share three tips that I took away from this exceptional webinar for recruiters. The event featured six seminars that focused on employer branding and data, OSINT and sourcing on Facebook, and social sourcing.    Tip No. 1: Facebook and HelloTalent  I really enjoyed learning more about OSINT and how to recruit differently on Facebook.  One...

May the SOURCE be with you! – A Beginners Guide to Sourcing on Social Media:

Are you new to recruiting/sourcing? Have you reached a dead-end in your searching repertoire? Are you ready to use the SOURCE?! Sourcing can be intimidating for those new to recruiting and talent acquisition field.  However, I hope to relieve your stress by showing you some of the sourcing techniques that I have learned and used over...

SourceCon 2017: From a First-timer’s Perspective

Board member, Tiffany Ballve, recaps her experience at SourceCon 2017 Austin. 

Session Preview – The Art of Seductive Sourcing

Kevin Crews drops by recruitDC today, to give a preview of his upcoming session, "The Art of Seductive Sourcing".  This is a can't miss session for those sourcing and recruiting on a regular basis.  

Thank You, recruitDC

I've been very lucky in my career. Luck played a part in how I even got into recruiting. It played a part in my having some of the best mentors and teachers that you could ask for over the course of a career. Because of my appreciation for all of this luck, I've always wanted...

Source Houston – Texas Takes Over

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, and there or over 2.1M people in Houston proper with another 4M people in the surrounding suburbs.  Almost 30,000 people here in Houston say they are in the business of hiring people. I bet there are exceedingly intelligent recruiters here in Houston that push the...

Old School Sourcing Still Works!

During his presentation at the recruitDC 2016 Fall Event, Steve Levy said (I’m paraphrasing here), “. . . to be effective, sourcing HAS to connect with candidates where they are”. He even suggested to reach college students, consider posting ‘tearaway’ flyers in campus buildings where computer courses are being taught, or outside campus hang outs....

Engaging Human: Speaker Preview – Steve Levy

Today, we're featuring a preview of one of the keynote sessions at our November 17th conference. Steve Levy is a longtime sourcer and friend of recruitDC, and is always willing to share knowledge (and a pint) with anyone wanting to. He discusses some of his approach that he'll be sharing with us at the Fall...

Let’s Overcome the Suck of Sourcing. #SourceLikeABoss

Do you remember the time when you could create a job positing on whatever job board was the hottest for your jobs and wake up the next day (and the following weeks) with 50-100 resumes in your inbox?  Then, you got to choose, schedule and get people jobs.  Looking back, geez, we were lucky back...
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