Recruiting: It’s Not All In The Name

By Derek Zeller It’s true. In fact there is an interesting perception that because you’re big, you are better. Everyone wants to work for you.  Who wouldn’t want to work at Google, Amazon, and Apple?  Apparently there are a few.  How can I back up this statement?  Well, in my best Jim Carey voice “LET...

Job Postings Are Not Dead – Part 2

By Ben Gotkin Somewhere along the line, recruiting technology became ‘self-aware’, allowing organizations to mindlessly post all of their jobs to job boards globally, big and small.  It was in the late 90’s and it was pegged as the solution to our sourcing challenges.  For the first time ever, candidates could ‘easily’ and quickly apply...

Job Postings Are Not Dead, Despite Zappos Claim

By Ben Gotkin Every now and then, a high profile company does something so ground breaking, unique or radical in their talent management strategy that everyone takes notice, often resulting in the question, is this a new trend? Is ___ dead? For example, when Yahoo! announced the end of telecommuting for their employees, pundits questioned...

recruitDC Spring 2014 Speaker Feature: Matt Grove

Hello RecruitDC! I’m excited to join you on May 22nd where we’ll talk about a unique approach to one of the biggest challenges confronting Talent Acquisition in 2014: How to cut through the noise and engage with passive candidates. This is a challenge we see in every location and industry, and it’s easy to see why....

Poll Results: Is It OK To Contact Candidates At Work?

Two weeks ago, we decided to ask you, the recruiting audience, about how you felt about contacting candidates via email at their work address. There was enough chatter in the recruiting arenas about the subject that we wanted to know what you think. Thanks to all those that responded, we appreciate your input. The Results...

recruitDC Poll: Should Recruiters Contact Candidates Via Their Work Email?

There has been some discussion in the recruiting community over the last few months about the best way recruiters should reach out to candidates. You can read a sampling of the articles here. With the wide array of tools like SellHack, LinkedIn, Entelo and TalentBin available to recruiters and sourcers today, we wanted to know what you think.  Do you take...

Don’t Blame Your ATS – A Movement

By Ben Gotkin I’m starting a movement, will you please join me.  Far too much over the past several years, a certain inanimate technology has received a lot of grief, being blamed for everything from black-holes to being completely useless. In the past 6 months, I have heard at major conferences that “We need to...

Fast and Furious – Social Media Tools from recruitDC’s Fall 2013 Event

Our Fast and Furious Social Media session at the Fall 2013 event was a huge success! But with 60 tips in 60 minutes, it was a lot to digest! Fear not, we’ve got you covered.  Below are all the tools that our Super Ladies of Social Media shared with the audience that you can use...

Super Girl Power – Looking Back At recruitDC

By Kerry Noone I have an image similar to this on my bulletin board above my desk and much to my surprise every time I look at it I am able to take a deep breath and remember I am human.  It’s a simple reminder that I am only one person and I can only...

The Art Of Recruiting

By Gary Cluff S-E-A-R-C-H  – – – that’s we all say we do. Well, nowadays, some of us do, but others of us only play a part in the total effort. To truly be an effective, full-cycle recruiter, you must do it all. S is for Sourcing. This is where it all starts. Reaching out,...
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