Susan LaMotte

Fall 2015 Speaker Preview: Susan LaMotte

Do you ever wonder why you’ve been recruiting the same hires for your company and it never gets easier? Or why the strong hires you made a few years ago find their way out the door a few years later? Recruiting challenges are a part of our daily routine as talent acquisition and recruiting professionals....

Brand Like A CMO – Employer Branding Training From exaqueo

We're always sharing opportunities for learning and development for the recruitDC community. Interested in amping up your Employer Branding efforts? exaqueo is hosting their "Brand Like A CMO" class on June 11th and 12th in Washington, DC. If you’re a Talent Acquisition and/or Employer Brand leader, no doubt you often struggle with how to best position, partner...

5 Things Recruiters Don’t Normally Share With Job Seekers

By Susan LaMotte As a talent strategy consultant and career coach, I tell clients all the time: “I get the other side of the equation.” Companies like that I coach job seekers, and job seekers like that I consult with talent acquisition teams at companies.  Having a foot in both worlds means I don’t forget...

Five Questions You Aren’t Asking About Your People Data

By Susan LaMotte Quick quiz–how many presentations have you given with percentages or pie charts? Business has always been a numbers game. Every proposal, every case, every request for funding–data drives decisions and we know it. And now we’ve gone big. Big data. 

10 Tips For A True Personal Brand

By Susan LaMotte and Pete Radloff The internet. For all its beauty and brawn, it’s like candy to a kid.  There’s always room for more. Unless you’re managing a personal brand, meaning, you’re calling yourself an expert and purport to be the “industry’s leading…” or the “foremost expert on….” The field in which we work,...

Tech Shoppers Beware: Don’t Buy Candidates From This Guy!

By Susan Strayer LaMotte I often talk with HR vendors, staffing agencies and RPOs about how to sell into HR and I’m continually amazed by the tactics people use. I’m not a career salesperson, but I have spent quite a bit of time in the buyer’s seat, and now that I run a consulting firm,...

Stop Asking Me What’s Next

This article was originally published on Forbes, with permission from the author.  By Susan Strayer LaMotte It started as early as eighth grade. Field hockey tryouts came and went, and we gathered around the team lists like crazed Madonna fans (the Bieber of my day). I was a decent athlete, and I made the A...

5 Reasons Recruiting Is Like Dating

Ed. Note: This post was republished with permission from Susan LaMotte, and the orignal posting can be found here By Susan LaMotte There’s a great scene in Sex and the City where Charlotte proclaims she’s exhausted with dating. Constantly trying to find “the one” is tiring. And while there’s no real limit on the time we can take...

Fall 2013 RecruitDC Tickets Now Available!

The recruitDC fall event is coming on November 14, 2013! Join us for a morning of information sharing, networking and learning with your DC area recruiting colleagues. We’ll be descending on the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Silver Spring, MD for our venue. Visit the Eventbrite site to grab your tickets so you...

4 Ways To Find Better Startup Talent

By Susan Strayer LaMotte It’s a pivotal moment, really. The point when you finally hit the magic budget number and you can add to your startup team. But chances are you have no idea how to hire. No offense, but it’s true. Sure, you’ve worked in companies before and added to your team. You’ve interviewed...