Fall 2015 Speaker Preview: Celinda Appleby

The question I have been getting a TON lately is:  "How to do you come up with campaign/content ideas?"The short answer, is they come to me at the weirdest times, so I keep lots of notes on my Iphone. I also read  WAY too much and follow news outlets/trends that inspire me. News and Pop...

How has #recruitDC Impacted You? Tell Us & Win a Ticket to recruitDC Fall 2015

By Matt Duren If for some reason you haven’t heard, our next recruitDC event is taking place in just a few short weeks on Thursday, November 19 at the TEGNA HQ in McLean (holy cow…how did we get to November so quickly!). This will be our 8th conference and if you remember, we had our...

Introducing recruitDC’s Spring 2014 Keynote, Laurie Ruettimann

recruitDC founder, Ben Gotkin takes a few minutes to talk with Laurie Ruettimann about her keynote speech on personal branding. You can catch Laurie at the Spring 2014 recruitDC event. Need tickets for the event? Get them here

My Manifesto To Engineers

By Pete Radloff Recruiters are frustrated. Especially those doing technical recruiting in hotbeds like San Francisco, New York and D.C. They can find the talent that they want out there, but they can’t get them to respond. And frankly, I get it. Engineers must feel like slabs of meat in a recruiter-filled nightclub, when it’s...

Fast and Furious – Social Media Tools from recruitDC’s Fall 2013 Event

Our Fast and Furious Social Media session at the Fall 2013 event was a huge success! But with 60 tips in 60 minutes, it was a lot to digest! Fear not, we’ve got you covered.  Below are all the tools that our Super Ladies of Social Media shared with the audience that you can use...

Social Media for the Job Seeker

By Celinda Appleby All this buzz about using social media for job seeking can be extremely daunting and even scary. Especially when you consider the original reason you joined most social sites… to connect with others outside of work.  Here are some simple tips to tackle social media for job hunting. 1)     Dynamic Profiles: Clean...

Recruiting In the Trenches – Should You Care About Social?

The following is a re-post from a guest post shared on RecruitingBlogs.com recently. You can find the original post here. By Lars Schmidt This week I’ll be presenting at Recruiting Trends annual conference. My session,Recruiting Lessons From The Trenches: How To Develop, Champion, And Manage Social Media Recruiting Strategies That Work, will explore how recruiting leaders can develop...

Talent Attraction Through Social Media

By Celinda Appleby The war on talent is real and companies are taking steps to become more innovative and strategic in their tactics to attract and retain the very best talent. As a whole, recruiting professionals have become serious about utilizing social media for talent attraction. Did you know that 92% of companies are using social...

recruitDC MoCo Sourcing Roundtable Meetup Recap

In 2013, recruitDC responded to the demand from the local recruiting community to provide more learning and networking opportunities by producing a series of ‘Meetups’ at various locations throughout Maryland and Virginia. The Meetups so far have primarily been free, brief, less formal events where 30-40 recruiters could get together for free to learn from...

recruitDC Tweetup – The Wrap-up

By Derek Zeller Have you seen or maybe attended a RecruitDC conference in the last couple of years? Maybe you have said, “I just don’t have the time” to take a day off to go to a conference. We get that. We are recruiters too. That is why a number of months ago we partnered...