Manage a Talent Acquisition Program? Come to TalentBlend This April!

By Moe Hutt

Last year, my business partner Kara Yarnot and I organized our first conference called TalentBlend. We knew there was a market for this, because nobody else was doing it. And we sure could have used it ourselves when we were starting out in our careers. We got such great feedback on the conference that we’ve decided to do it again this April, and we’d love you to come.

TalentBlend is a conference for those who manage critical talent acquisition programs, operations and projects, like tools and technology, employee referrals, recruiter training, college and intern, military and veteran recruiting, and contingent labor. 

Whether you run a single program in addition to your other responsibilities or you focus on talent acquisition programs as your primary responsibility, this conference is designed for you.

 In case you don’t know about Kara and me, we are Meritage Talent Solutions, and we have over 30 years of experience in talent acquisition project and program management. We’ve been in your shoes, and we went through a lot of trial and error before becoming successful at operations and programs in corporate America.

With TalentBlend, we set out to create an ideal environment for others to learn and network, so that at the end of the day, you’ll have the skills you need to apply to your own programs. And you’ll have new friends to lean on when the going gets tough.

How is TalentBlend different?

Most of us landed in these roles by accident. Maybe you are a data geek and found your way into a recruiting analytics position or you showed great passion for recruiting transitioning military and ended up running the program for your company. 

You wanted to design a conference focused on your needs — not just best practices but actually how to get things done.  We created TalentBlend, because many of the existing conferences may occasionally have a session for talent operations and programs, but most of those conferences are not relevant to what we do in your job.

It was important to us that TalentBlend have a relaxed, casual vibe that encourages conversation so you feel comfortable learning new things and building relationships with your peers. We’ve also selected smart, approachable speakers who are happy to share what they know, whether on the stage or during a coffee break.

What you can expect to get out of TalentBlend

Kara and I designed the agenda for a collaborative learning environment. If you attend (and I hope you will), you’ll take an active part in the program. And you’ll leave armed with practical skills you need –the ability to manage change, data analysis, and pilot projects– to make a difference in your organization.

When you come to TalentBlend, you should be able to ask these questions and get the answers you need:

•             How do I balance the wishes of recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers?

•             What is a project pilot and why should I use one?

•             How do I build a program from the ground up?

•             How do I keep everyone informed about ALL my projects?

•             How do I measure program success in the absence of data?

•             How do I recruit diverse talent when my company is not diverse?

•             What worked for my company, what didn’t and why?

After TalentBlend, you’ll go back to your office bursting with ideas and well-prepared to make your program successful. So you can improve the experience of every recruiter, every hiring manager and every candidate within your company.

Don’t take my word for it….

Our attendees had some great things to say from our last conference. Here are a few of their comments:

“The Talent Blend conference was well planned, and well executed. There was a diverse range of topics that were covered – from strategy to tactical. If you are in a Talent Acquisition role that handles strategy, planning, programs or operations – this is a must-attend event!”

“I was very impressed by this conference. Kara and Moe did an excellent job on everything – no complaints. It was high energy, interactive, collaborative, balanced. The speakers delivered helpful, thought-provoking content that I look forward to taking back to my team. I very much enjoyed getting to know everyone and feel more connected and confident now that I have colleagues I can tap with questions or offer to help others. I look forward to attending the next TalentBlend!”

“TalentBlend 2015 is a truly remarkable TA conference that provided a multitude of resources to take back to my organization as well as practical tools that will allow me to become a strategic partner to the various business lines.”

When is TalentBlend?

TalentBlend is coming up fast! It takes place on April 27 & 28 2016 in Washington, D.C., so register soon.  We promise you’ll experience two awesome days of learning and networking with your peers from a variety of companies, and you’ll leave with great ideas and tools to be more effective at your job. We hope to see you there!

We are giving away one free pass to TalentBlend. If you enter to win, you not only stand a chance to attend our conference at no cost, but you also get some other TalentBlend goodies as well. The whole package means you’ll have a terrific time at TalentBlend 2016! 

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Moe Hutt has been part of the Washington DC talent community for over 15 years. She started her career at SAIC building talent acquisition strategies, marketing programs, and employee referral programs. After a successful career in government contracting, she joined Meritage Talent where she helps talent acquisition teams solve complex problems by customizing best practices to fit the unique needs of your company.  She has designed and implemented enterprise intern, employee referral, contingent workforce and recruiter training programs. From drafting recruiter service level agreements to managing the launch of a new employer brand,  she specializes in striking a balance between creativity and efficiency. Moe started her recruitDC involvement participating in the Program Content Committee and volunteering at events. She joined the recruitDC board in 2015 and now directs the organization’s Programs. She also loves opera and her family. Connect with Moe on LinkedIn or Twitter