Session Preview – The Art of Seductive Sourcing

By Kevin Crews

Searching for candidates on the Internet can be A) Very Rewarding, B) Very Time Consuming, C) Very Easy, D) Very Frustrating, or E) All of the above? The answer is: F) It depends. It depends on your knowledge, skills, and abilities on how and where you find the candidates. If you know the secrets, it can be a very rewarding and easy experience or at least, as “easy” as recruiting can get. Even if you do it right, it is still a difficult process that takes a concentrated effort from all parties involved. But, you often feel that it is “easier” because you have the knowledge that gives you the confidence that “this can be accomplished.”

If you look in “traditional” places on the Internet, you might receive “traditional” results. Looking exactly where your competition is looking, is most likely getting you the same results as always. The demand for superstar candidates is at an all-time high but the supply of top candidates is at an all-time low (due to the baby-boomers retiring and other economics). This results in the fact that it has never been more difficult to get the right people in the right jobs for the right price.

By using proven Internet sourcing strategies, recruiters often feel that they have conquered the web. Candidates are hidden in plain sight all over the Internet, but if you don’t know how and where to search for them, they remain well hidden in what most uneducated sourcers/recruiters feel is the deep dark unexplored world wide web.

However, there is a solution. How many of these phrases resonate with you? Social Media. Mobile Recruiting. Boolean. XRay. Image Searching. Video Searching. Blogging for Candidates. Twitter Lists. Search Is Back. Google Alerts. Wayback Machine. If those sound like your everyday sourcing strategies, then you have probably mastered the concept of looking for purple squirrels on the Internet, and your requisitions are getting filled faster than ever with high quality individuals. If those words are Greek to you from a sourcing/recruiting perspective, then help is on the way. Learning these techniques from the pros will put you in the driver’s seat, knowing that tomorrow’s recruiting challenges are achievable.

Cohesively connecting both social media and mobile technology is crucial to a company’s success in today’s competitive recruitment marketplace. Companies need to engage and attract candidates in order to stay ahead of the competition. From a candidate’s perspective, it’s an expectation to be able to communicate and interact with prospective employers via social and mobile platforms. By using all of these strategies, it will not allow you to recruit with your eyes closed, but instead, keep your eyes closed at night.

Don’t miss Kevin’s session on May 25th at recruitDC’s Spring 2017 conference!